Has anyone else experienced this?

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So, I have been told by Lucifer through a channeled message, that the spirits including him will not work with me until I’ve made a decision on who I want to be. Lucifer is silent and only wrote the message on my phone through me. I dedicated my life to him back in 2018. I had also worked with Satan. Lucifer told me to explore other paths such as Hinduism in order to get to know him better and to reconnect with the Holy Spirit in short. From what I know the Holy Spirit is also a part of Hinduism correct me if I’m wrong.

Any advice. Has anyone else experienced this. Radio silence. It almost feels like being ignored but I realise that’s far from the truth.

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Not exactly this, but I have started experimenting with mixing and matching some paths or systems and gotten the intuition/ message that this is not my path, or rather not my way forward if I not stop playing around and just devote my full attention to it.
So it kinda sounds like something similar. Like Lucifer is saying that in order to move forward, you need to choose a direction.

As for the Holy Spirit, I’m not sure. I’ve always had the distinct feeling (even as a tiny kiddo) that most Christians either totally misunderstand the holy trinity or deliberately offer a bunch of diluted BS statements attached to it (possibly to hide the importance of the feminine in this trinity?).

When diving deeper into mysticism and alchemy as a teen I’ve kind of changed my own view of that trinity into a simple “father, mother, child” or “Father: Divine Masculine, Holy Spirit/ Ghost: Divine Feminine, Son/ child: Union of the masculine and feminine” in this.
Does this make sense and is the Holy Spirit in Hinduism linked towards the feminine and/ or part of a trinity?

It’s not about choosing sides or “hands”. Doesn’t both make the whole?
It’s possibly about the direction of attention. Perhaps there’s a distraction in your efforts while communicating that is filling the psychic connection with static?
Resolve this thru practicing meditation, 30 seconds at a time.

Let me know how it goes

If one sees lucifer and father satan as a different entities. Then I think it’s time for a history reading first my friend. Don’t rush into anything when it comes to beliefs. Take your time and do proper research before making any assumptions regarding anything related to belief systems. Because I am talking from experience here that beliefs are very much based on results / perspectives of manifestation nowadays. Back in time we humans used to have strong belief systems. But now it’s like changing cars. People change beliefs every now and then. But it’s my opinion that you should study anything it is you are willing to get into. And then just go all in without looking anywhere else.

The Holy Spirit (Shekinah aka Qadosh) has nothing to do with Hinduism.

I’m not beginner but thanks for your advice. I have worked with both Lucifer and Satan and I will argue to the end why I believe Lucifer and Satan are two separate entities.

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I know a sect in Hinduism that acknowledges the Holy Spirit as part of their doctrine.

Hindu religion is constantly changing, so anything is possible within the sects. I know of Tridevi, Shakti, and Adi Parashakti or the different Devis. Those would be Hindu equivalents to the Holy Spirit and there are plenty of others who fit the description. Vedic religion is very diverse and there’s a lot to it.

But the Holy Spirit (Virgin Mary in Rome, Sophia in Greece, Chokmah or Shekinah in Israel, Qadosh or Qadesh in Syria, Isis in Egypt, Asherah in the Hittite Kingdom, and Ishtar or Inanna in Mesopotamia) is a concept from the Middle East and Levant. Maybe it was borrowed from India, who knows. But in India it’s not originally a central concept. In the West it is

You’re right; they are not the same at all. Lucifer is Phosphor and Eosphor are twin emissaries of Venus in Greece. In Israel Lucifer was Helel ben Shachar. Shachar and his twin Shalim were sons of El. so Lucifer in the Bible would basically be one of YHVH’s twin grandsons, or Jesus’ twin nephews, but christians aren’t ready for that conversation so i’ll say less.

Satan is a metagod of Set combined with Anat and Anubis. Egyptian gods combined to form metagods through syncretism.

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