Has anyone Created a spiritual entity with there energy

I was not sure if this is possible but I have heard of people doing this.

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Yes this is possible. They are called thoughtforms and servitors. I actually wouldn’t recommend you use your own energy unless you’re skilled at energy work and know what you’re doing. You can program your entity to use other people’s energy, or natural energy (the elements) instead.

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I am quite skilled with energy and have a large supply but do you know what dangers there might be?

Dangers using your own energy? I’m not sure, but I’m assuming your entity becoming too powerful to feed off just your own energy could be a problem.

Another thing is to make sure you have have a kill switch in the event that your being does go rogue. This can be avoided if you’re very meticulous with your programming.

If you want to learn more about creating entities, I recommend the book Creating Magickal Entities by David Michael Cunningham.

Thanks this helps alot

Creating a being with your own energy essentially makes it like a child of yours, in the sense that it is made from the same stuff as you are. However, another way to look at it is as an additional spiritual appendage, which when released, goes on to perform its function.

It is very effective of a practice, in the sense that it enables you to maintain control longer, and provides an immediate link if it is employed for personal reasons. However, it comes with just as many, if not more, downsides. As you are its energy source, if an alternative feeding system has not been programmed, you will be its supplier. Additionally, it is sloppy and unclean, in the sense that you’re mixing your energy with a bunch of things, and might attract something you do not want to. In this sense, it also stops the being from being utilized by others.

There are benefits and downsides to everything, and I would advise as a starting point that you unlearn the crutch of using your own energy, and only do so when absolutely necessary. You need all your strength.


Since you’re a qigong practitioner, you’re cultivating qi from the cosmos and that’s why you have so much energy? What these guys are talking about is for those who don’t do any qi cultivation, so bear that in mind. Using qi you have processed though your own meridians is fine, when you are simultaneously pulling it in.

Also search for egregores.

I created an egregore this way, and set them to cultivate their own qi from the cosmos so I didn’t have to maintain them… I made them as a copy of myself. After a while they became sentient enough, that they gained free will and did exactly what I’d do, and buggered off to find their own path :slight_smile: I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. Which left a gap that’s now filled by a daemon’s legion member (thank you Azazel for Sylvie, she’s amazing) but that’s another story.

When you search through the threads here about servitors, I’ve seen this book recommended a lot. I haven’t tried it yet but I intend to get it soon:


Yes you can create spirits with your own energy.
I have done this before a few times. But make sure to have a good idea of your intention for making a spirit with your energy.
Also there different kinds of spirits you can create and each one is just a little different:
(Or you can create an actual soul rather than just a servitor or thoughtform, this is more advanced by far but is worth it if you know what you are doing and why you are doing it).