Has anyone attempted to summon Anton LaVey's ghost?

Has any necromancer here attempted to contact Anton LaVey’s ghost? Given his reputation, accomplishments, and his rather…unpleasant death…he should be quite the powerful spirit, eh?

Has anyone attempted such a feat? I’m really curious.


i have not but i find it to be a very interesting idea, i thought of doing that with Hitler to find the location of certain occult research the Nazis had.


A couple of times, but owning five of his books I’ve pretty much seen his personality and mind through his writing. He was a straightforward, intelligent, eccentric person even late in life. And I think I got as much wisdom as I could from him from that medium.


U knw its a good idea. I m wpnderimg why he was in uk.

What occult items? I haven’t heard of this til now …

Yeah, his books are no doubt more insightful about him than actually contacting his ghost. Still, it’s an interesting idea to entertain.


not sure the items but they did a lot of research on the occult and experiments as well.

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