Has anybody worked with demon Valak from the "The Nun" movie?

Demon Valak is a goetia demon written in Lesser Key of Solomon according to Wikipedia.Theres not much information about him.Has anybody invoked him???

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Probably a derivitive of Volac. If this is the case then YES i have before.


Volac was the first spirit I evoked when I was first starting out in evocation as his ability to ‘bring serpents to the sorceror’ was something that caught my attention - me being a reptile lover and hardly seeing snakes in my area!

So when I read that ‘The Nun’ featured Volac I was very amused and also glad that finally this somewhat obscure daemon is being brought to the attention of the masses albeit in a dumb & ridiculous way.

Does Volac have nothing better to do than satisfy the wet dreams of nuns?


Did you see more snakes after you evoked him?

I was gonna ask that.