Has anybody seen a nymph?

Have you ever seen or worked with the Nymphs? The seductive protectors of nature? They are global too.

I think the “seductive part” is debatable and depends on the Fae, but Fae, Wights and Djinn are known the world over and there are many systems for working with them, which are usually as tied to the culture and land as they are.

“Nymphs” is Greek, so you might like to follow up with Greek magick.


Ah thank you. Yes most of the attributes of spirits can be subjective.

Well, it’s not that they are subjective, but like you can only get wombats in Australia, there’s types of Fae that you only get in certain parts of the world.

After that the way cultures work with them is subjective to the culture, yes.


I have seen a type of (sea) nymph with huge boobs by the ocean. It was an interesting dream

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