Has anybody done ritual workings today?

As some of you know, today is a new moon and the energy is high, anybody have any plans?


Yeah, it’s an interesting New Moon.
Any ritual for materialistic goals should work fine.

It’s actually still the Dark Moon-the astrological calander really isn’t correct, because technically the New Moon is tomorrow. It’s something you can look up to see why, etc. It makes sense when you read about it. I say this because why yes, I am doing something-it’s Deipnon aka Hekates night! Goddess of the Witches gets offerings and prayers on this night. I already went to the crossroads (I went to my fave cemetery)and left her a little something and I plan on lighting a candle on my altar and honoring her later. Because it’s a solar partial eclipse, magick isn’t really recommended because of it’s unpredictableness but to each their own if they do I supppse. Happy Dark and New Moon! Good night to set your intentions for the month-even year!

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I did just to let everyone know. I wasn’t in the know about more than one intro. Thanks.

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Nah, last night was atleast a new moon from where I live which is europe