Has any spirit did this or have this affect on you?

So as you know I am officially back working with everyone again. (Lucifer, Lilith, Azazel ect) But right now I’m mostly just working with Lucifer, Azazel and Belial as I feel that I should work with them at this time and feel the closest to them right now. Maybe I will with Lilith in the future again.)

Yesterday I was home and that’s when I felt the desire to take a bath with one of my bath bombs. I then had this desire to paint my toenails specifically red. Why? Well to a lot of you, it maybe a normal thing. However I am normally a person especially with my toenails, that I don’t do fancy things like that. I may have a bath bomb once in a while but typically I just take a shower and that’s it.

However yesterday I had this odd urge to not just take a bath bomb bath but also paint my toenails preferably red. Not just any red but this really nice red that…I sadly don’t have.

This is a good example

But I painted them anyways and really I enjoyed it.

Reminds me on how I was hinted to try and get my nails done and get things like bath bombs. I understand it to be something to try as to help my TLC for myself. I’m so use to just work, come home and don’t care on my appearance much.

However I find it interesting that when I took a break really from everyone and this path, I still did some things for myself but it was more like “eh it’s routine” However I did get some new clothes for myself which was nice. But it wasn’t…the same.

Now this would be day three and yesterday I was pulled from my game, not having interest in it, took a bath bomb bath and did my toenails. It felt different then just doing it just because it’s part of my routine and something I do enjoy but this…feels more different. It’s not like I’m forced but it feels like a bonding thing.

So I’m just curious, though I’m sure there’s threads hidden in the abyss of the forums on this, if any of you have similar experiences where your finding your self doing something that you typically don’t do that you now do (good not bad) that you feel it is more then just to get you to do something but like a bonding thing. :thinking:


Yes. Not in this way, but yet I’ve found myself compelled to do things I wouldn’t on my own. (Burning menses underneath the full moon at 3 am to deal soul binding contracts comes to mind…)

I’ve had it a few times where I was aware it wasn’t something I would do, or I felt like I absolutely had to- realized I didn’t have to, I had a choice and made the choice to do thing in question.

I only mention this because it’s good to be aware of whether or not the items are positive, you don’t want to just go along with something without awareness. You seem to be good on this anyways though!

Otherwise it sounds to me like they are encouraging you to love yourself, bonding makes senses to me in this way because it is important for the people in our lives to want us to take care of ourselves, so it does make sense spirits might also.

I’ve gotten manicures with my stepmom when she was alive for example, even though neither of us were/are very girly, I actually have my nails painted right now for the first time in forever…

So yes this makes senses and there is something about the color red when it comes to makeup and nails that just wows me even on myself so. I choose a brighter red for makeup even though I generally prefer a garnet red…I think the color has a subconscious affect on us or can have.

I’ve not looked into how the color of nails or makeup may influence confidence or anything like that. I am aware certain colors are said to affect the mood, but I don’t think how a woman would feel about it as a cosmetic is factored into that anyways unless there are separate studies for it- and there might be nowadays lol.

If I think about what it could be though with the color red, I go okay well what does my mind remember in regards to that color and women… oh it’s bold, sexy, powerful, strong women who aren’t afraid of other’s opinions would choose this color…

So yes, even though I’m tossing any possible negative notations out, I think all in all this makes logical sense to me, in some weird way.

The trouble with subjective experiences is really no matter how you search it, even though there are lots of people out there with the same or similar experiences- many aren’t going to have spoken on it, because it sounds larpy and others have spoken on it so they are done talking about it lol.

It’s really only important for a short time in many cases, so finding the keywords to a subjective subject can be difficult for sure! :blush:

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I agree with you and yeah no I know the difference in what’s good and not so good for myself lol.

I find that sweet about what you and step mom did. Honestly I was never the one to just worry or put much thought into my nails until late. And for some reason the color red really stands out to me and my mind when it comes to nails and clothing. It could be something subconscious like you stated. Though just found it interesting and even coincidental that it’s especially strong desire to have my nails that color now.

Honestly I see what you mean by it being “short lived”. But to me personally, I wouldn’t say that it is something I would just toss aside. Maybe it’s just me and how I view even the smallest intimate moments of close bonding like getting your nails done together, something I would just forget. Even these small moments I treasure. It’s odd to some I suppose especially on here that most is just on go mode.

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Well, even for those who do cherish them, there’s usually only so much they can be said before you are saying the same things again and it’s often really disappointing when it doesn’t seem like anyone can relate to what you experienced.

I still have this in the real world with normal things, so it ends up being a subject that’s kinda tucked away at the back of your mind, sure you’d like to speak on it sometimes but even finding the right people to speak it to, is hard.

I do think it becomes special memories for many people and that is not a bad thing, sometimes we need these special memories later on too, as reminders for ourselves. :blush:

I’m glad you had one of these, it’s good to see people sharing the positives, sometimes we get hung up on the negatives! :blush:


True true. That’s why I say it’s just a me thing. Lol I don’t over think on it (or try not to) but it is simply a small worldly thing. Lol Silly I know.

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Yes, although I must admit that quite the opposite happened in the beauty department; I’ve ditched make up and my beloved “girly” stuff, except for the occasions where its expected of me and I am currently growing my grey hair out in my early 30s as we speak :sweat_smile:

What I am finding myself doing a lot more often in the context of the above mentioned bonding is spending time with overall outdoor stuff, like hiking, putting physical work into forestry projects, educating myself about a similar related topic (a close spirit definitely lured me into this, because its one of the spirits dominions) in order to maybe get an official degree in said topic… Nothing I would have planned for myself or for the concept I had about myself. I was definitely introduced into this by a third party :slight_smile: