Harry Potter Horcruxes - Is There Anything To This Idea?

I have a question for you, hear goes if Voldemort found out Harry Potter was a Haucrux, would Voldemort would have killed Harry or let him live.


He’d probably have hypnotised him and kept him alive, he needs the Horcrux and presumably a dead person (dead body) can’t be a Horcrux since you have to kill someone to fracture your soul and create one.

In that universe of course - not talking IRL, although the concept of magicians keeping their souls elsewhere is afaik something traditional to magick.


That is the wizarding world, what about all those Christian muggles in this world, always hear one the Ch 7 news someone got stabbed today died on the way to the Royal Adelaide hospital, is it the same for a murder does he or she created horcruxes, since they know nothing about magic.

I’ve made this a new topic split off from The War Room, it’s pretty interesting stuff and I don’t want to derail that thread, also it might have appeal for people who will not want to be subscribed to a pro-Donald Trump thread in order to comment. :wink:

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Some more beautiful Dark Lore. xD



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If the Dark Lord realised Harry to be a Horcroux - which normally he should,
since it’s a part of his Soul,
and he actually used the connection to break into Harry’s head,
trying to manipulate him,
and get him obidient to his orders:

He’d most propably kept him alive,
but in a Servant / Slave State,
under constant Imperio Curse.

If due to Harry’s special properties,
that would have shown no success,
he’d continued to trap him into a Petrified / bound state,
for example using Basilisk Gaze,
since Lord Voldemort could propably localize with his Parsel Tounge,
another Basilisk,
and instruct him,
to look at Harry so Harry see’s him through a reflection.

Such a petrified State,
would’ve been much more reliably storable,
he’d propably spend some time cursing pain into Harry,
weakening both his body and mind.

Crucio would have been injected into Harry a couple dozen times,
before petrifying him.

Depending on when Voldermort find out about Harry being a Horcroux,
and changing his plan of action away from furfilling the Prophecy (remember, those mean a lot in their world!!!),
he’d propably found himself batteling with the Prophecy during the time,
he tried to keep Harry Alive.

He’d develope some theory,
and insight,
of why,
and how,
Harry staying alive is a harm to himself after all.

After a couple Years,
he’d propably found himself unable,
and especially unwilling,
to keep that shit going on.

Highly securing his other Horcroux,
he’d then attempt to kill Harry off.

Depending on how the Basilisk Petrification,
and other Special Effects altered This specific case,
he might either succeed,
or find himself weaker then ever,
potentially even having his followers attack him during his weakness,
for all the harm he caused them,
when they needed to re-approve their loyalty to him.

May the Darkness stay with you,