Harry Potter Curses are Real, Really?




Yes, actually, as are the shouts from Skyrim Once you fully understand Enochian and energy manipulation, literally all words become powerful.


That’s awesome.

You… you can’t be saying there is a way to fus-ro-dah’ people. I did misread that, right? Please clarify.

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If you learn certain magically charged words, you can cast spells merely by shouting out the words.

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But no fus-ro-dah, no stopping time, right? Just a way to do the spells.

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Yes, but it would be nice to shout angrily at people and set them on fire.


There is this shout in Dawnguard… first word: damage. Second word: soul stealing if it kills. Third word, all of the above + zombie. Necromancers here would like that one.

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There truly honestly is. I myself frequently use Krii Lun Aus to curse people. :joy_cat:

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I have been knocked over by a priest with him barely touching me before if you have enough power and or have a powerful spirit on your side anything is possible IMO

All words are made up anyway so there is effectively no difference between “I curse you to death” and " Avada kedavra". If it works for you, it works for you.

In the military I learned how to shout, I have used it a couple times on randos, like the equivalent of skyrim where it shoves people backwards. Ofc, I never saw the monks after to improve it.

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Yes, but with that logic, then the catholic church should remove ALL books from… oh wait!

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Any curse you find online or in movies, etc can be legitimate given spells are just intention put into words. However, I doubt they work the same extent as they do in said movies.

One of my first spells was the binding from The Craft, albeit adapted to a different target.

Someone I care about was being harmed and it was hard to find reliable information on magick where I lived then (the internet was pretty young). So I adapted a movie spell, hoping it would work, and I stand by that because it got the job done.

Okay everybody, so tell me the spell for my pots and pans to come alive and starting cleaning themselves like in the movie?

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Given this is reality, you’re out of luck.

I’ll second that…

It seems you and I have much in common. Although I only recently started practicing again, I have researched everything I have introduced into my practice. I’m looking into both pre-Christian and Pythagorean alchemy, and have started standing meditation, intending to practice internal alchemy from Pythagorean and Taoist sources.

My question is this, what is your source? You profile says you’re practicing Taoist alchemy, I’d like to know from which source you are learning from? I myself am learning from Dr. Jerry Allan Johnson’s Medical Qigong Therapy books, it goes into great depths. Volume 2 (there are 5 all about 600+ pages) specifically deals with energetic alchemy and Dao Yin training. PM me if you’d like. Maybe your source is one I haven’t looked into, never know. Pleasant day to you Mao.

This thread honestly makes me think of Dune.