Harnessing the queens funeral energy

I’m from the Uk and someone I know who also practices magic told me it’s possible to harness the energy of big events such as the queens funeral.

The worlds focus is on it so how can I leech energy.

Please don’t tell me It’s wrong Im doing it either way but want people’s guidance as my friend didn’t quite know.

I’m sure some of you bright individuals would know exactly how to. :slight_smile:

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It’s really no different than taking in the energy of any other big event. Sporting events are generally quite popular for this kind of thing as energy is freely thrown everywhere during games. However, a sombre occasion like a state funeral isn’t quite as easy, since people aren’t exactly jubilant about it, but it can still be done.

Just send out your intention to draw in the energy. You could, for example, visualize it like a cloud over the city, and then just breathe it in.


A really stupid idea.

You will get attacked by beings after your attempt and take a huge backlash. It is quite easy to understand, Royal families have spirits bound to them so does religion. I heard of people who tried to curse Islam and fell terribly sick caused by a jinn bound to the religion by the Naqshbandi Sufi order. Same for a coven that tried to attack Putin by energy leeching, guess what happened some of them are so terribly sick that they are not able to properly walk anymore and in one case one of their children was hit terribly as well.

So is it wrong, no but does the reward outweigh the risk if you do real magick and not some psychodrama- definitely no

Do something easier like stealing the prayers in a church, mosque, etc. because their guardian spirits usually can be bribed since the people praying in those places are usually impure (cluttered by sin) and those barely receive any of the promised protection.


Makes a lot of sense

Except…the OP’s plan wasn’t to feed on the royal family, but the energy of the event, which has little to do with them directly, and is more about the crowds of people mourning. That energy isn’t protected at all.


The energy of the event is connected to the queen, she is the source of all the mourning. Do so at your own risk I would rather feed on church goers and take their energy for my spellwork then take a far greater risk by feeding on an even fueled by the departure of a person from a royal bloodline. And guess who will attend the event? The royal family as well and clergy.


This seems like 2nd hand hearsay to me, personally I view this as rumor and speculation designed to kill a working before it has begun. While I don’t doubt that certain Royal Figures and those we human figures worship (such as celebrities) have some protection it would be beneficial if you had first hand experience of this. Regardless the OP is going after the energy created by mass crowds not the Royals themselves and this type of energy can be useful generated from mass events can be useful to various types of workings.

In my view this is wrong and ultimately harder. Guardian spirits are very similar to ancestors and the likes so will often be far harder to bypass then free flowing energy. If you are referring to the recipients of those prayers such as the thoughtform of Judaism, Christianity and Islam then this is also hard because its about the individuals belief in these entities that protects them, not whether they are sinful as you propose. It’s why those old ladies in church often have much greater spiritual protections, simply put its the belief in the thoughtform that gives it its ability. In any event your post is close to moralising. Just because someone is sinful as you suggest does not mean their spiritual protections won’t work or their guardians or ancestors won’t protect them. Protection does not depend on the lifestyle you lead

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If you need more evidence for case 2 look into Agrippas work and you will find a list of spirits that protect a country. You still don’t get it, energy is set in motion from the event not the people. They are just conduits that channel it.

That is great for your view but actually wrong. Do some research and digging into the mystery traditions of Sufism, Kabbalah, Hinduism and you will see that most prayers, chants, divine names have to be unlocked first before they have an effect and for that matter need to be pronounced in a certain way, with an emotional quality, visualization and conditions of purity. Equally are the JCI deities (+angels) not thought forms but for the most part mathematical concepts that work well because of their inherent mathematical harmony. Everything is tied to conditions nobody is gonna step in for you if you do not perform service to this entity, if you don’t have a practice for honoring your ancestors etc. Those old ladies at the church spent most of their time praying the rosary and gain their power from that tool, which is funnily enough, used to bend demons into submission as well and acts as a scorch for entities (there is a Hadean press book about it + the origins).

My post is not moralizing in any way or form I talk from experience and a POV that some more renowned magicians than me share as well.

It sure as hell does. Why do you think that you should fast, cleanse and purify yourself before interacting with the 72 angles of the name? Why should you abstain from meat while dealing with Jinn that do not belong to the underworld etc.
I doesn’t matter what you believe (Jason miller has a video about this as well) it matters what is. Everything has a reason and you can strip stuff down to its barebones but then you are engaging in nothing more than psychodrama.

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The entire post goes against numerous well established principles of magic but your entitled to your view despite your failure to back it up. When asked for proof you provide very little of it. I find it interesting that you say it doesn’t matter what I believe.

In any event numerous people have worked with Angels/Djinn etc without going through the strict conditions you purport to be necessary to summon then

Since when are you the gatekeeper to the spirits that people can interact with. Many people have contacted these entities just fine without going through any of the conditions specified :woman_shrugging:

Anyway you are entitled to your belief as I am entitled to mine.

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I see this conversation rapidly getting off topic and forming into something over who is right and who is wrong and drifting away from what the OP asked. As I said previously you’re entitled to believe what you want. I’ve said everything I want to say on this.


No you didn’t, actually, you name dropped and did some hand waving but you neither cited personal experience nor made specific citations to back up your point if view.

As you were warned by another member, your post is both dogmatic and moralising and that’s against the rules. You may see it as “wrong”, what the Op wants to do, but then you’re very welcome to not do this yourself.

If you don’t have anything useful to say please refrain from derailing the thread. That’s exactly why we have a no moralising rule.

Post removed. Please carry on, folks. :slight_smile:


Yes, psy vampires do this and call it feeding off “ambient” energy. Humans are very messy this way and it’s just output and left to it’s own devices, it’s free and hurts no one to take it, like sunlight.

You can also do this at any event where there are a lot of people, music concerts are popular. You can even do it off malls. It’s mostly emotion energy.

I think the quality of energy would be better at something exciting like a concert, but I guess it depends what you want to do with it.

If you have a use for a mix of boredom, resentment and sorrow, then go for it.

So say I’m next to a concert. Can I sit a distance away and imagine all the sound energy and all the human output emotional energy being sucked up by my left hand and in the right hand be holding a crystal such as moldavite.

I can imagine the left hand receiving the energy and imagine it flowing out my right hand in to the stone and visualise it getting brighter and brighter

This way I can supercharge the Crystal with all of that energy and use it in my rituals right bring untold power to them?

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You can. I would add some way to “filter” it though, and be specific about what you want.

The energy is human energy, and it’s kind of dirty, it’s not a pure, clean wave of emotion, there’s also people on drugs, people who are angry or mean, someone who just lost their dog/aunt/job/etc, someone with cancer/diabetes/mental illness, that guy passed out drunk and his mate vomiting in the gutter, maybe that lady getting raped behind the bins… it goes on and on, if you don’t discriminate it’s a bit of a crapshoot, and you’ll get all that as well.

So, just “energy of joy and appreciation” or something, and see a metal mesh over your left hand sifting out anything that isn’t for your highest good.


Well why do you feel the need to take energy from the funeral, when there is infinite supply of cosmic force available to you, this I don’t get

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Pre-programmed, pre-tuned, densely packed, far more accessible, the list goes on. Cosmic force is great if you want to take the time to tune it and pack it much less have the ability to do so. Just like humans can create infinite resources back fusing basic elements into any other element but the time and effort for that isn’t worth it with the current level of technology when there are still easy to access deposits.

Most humans are incapable of accessing the levels of psychic power or skill needed to harness cosmic energy in any useful way beyond some parlor tricks. Taking the prepacked and dense energy of an event presents an easy source to reconfigure especially if your intended purpose lines up with what you wish to do. Why build a whole new river from a lake when you can harness an existing one.

Also quicker than creating energy or converting information into energy. Two other things that are an oddity for human psychics to manage. Even for higher beings there can be a certain satisfaction in the act of using the energy of such an event especially for those that hold grudges against the figure in question whether you view it as a suitable leader or a worthless parasite. It can also just be plain fun and often no other reason than that is needed for something, that and boredom of course without which humans never would have been created, well that and a lack of proper fast food. Rather metaphorical ain’t it that even now such figures amount to little more than fast food. Guess in the end ones actual title and fame means nothing when dealing with anything beyond the physical.

I really liked your explanation.

Totally agree. They are VERY PROTECTED families. Not for nothing do they have such worldly power on earth.

Do so only if you TRULY regret the passing of The Queen. I was deeply sorry and cried for several days. On the day of her funeral -19 September-, I did a Work taking advantage of the Energy of the Event and I know that the Queen as ‘guardian’, has granted it to me along with the Spirits associated with the Royal Household. It has worked because my feelings have been respectful and CONSISTENT with the event at all times. I asked for a favor; simple and effective. In return I watched over The Queen and ensured her transit.