Harness the power of the upcoming solar eclipes

Do yourself a favor and if it is possible for you do a ritual of your choosing during the upcoming solar eclipse on July 2nd do it! It is powerful much more than a new moon. I made one of my most significant dreams come true when doing my magic during the actual eclipse as the moon was covering the sun. Even if you can not do it at that exact time the whole time around it is powerful. This puts extra punch into your magick. Lunar eclipse is the 16th of July I think but this one is best for bane.


I’ve been having strange feelings about this eclipse. As if something else is going to happen with it. I’m not sure what, just something.

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Well I hear you. Me too just have that feeling as well these are powerful times. I do not believe astrology is the be all and end all but it has an effect. I would say to you to continue the magick you had planed and idly DO IT DURING THE ECLIPSE. I have to tell you I manifested my dream house by doing magick during the eclipse and its not just a little dream house its a gorgeous dream most people would not believe it and they would love to have it.Belive your power everything is so possible


Does it matter if I am in the Northern Hemisphere?