Harms Caused By Succubus Attacks

Thanks mate. At least someone agree with me, altho most of them are on the positive side.

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I can’t think of anything more accurate than a succubus, a master in seducing, playing inside the head and installing tubes inside and in ears, lustful and look-very peaceful.


Ah okay xp


Doctors can do nothing about the matter.
It’s just about anger. When a succubus is angry (hasn’t feed sexual energy from a long time) that what happens. This is my view, and this is the way I see it, I’m not trying to be offensive against any supernatural creature or spirit, I always try to be balanced in my opinion acknowledging both positives and negatives.


Just like you mate. I have done all the research and all the stuff, and I explored many sources (blogs, articles and even from the dark web).

Indeed. Here is my view of the bad succubus if a such thing exists: forceful (forcing you to give him your energy even if you don’t want to) and angry if not obeyed (anger results in annoyances like disturbing you all the time and destroying your relationship with others). This what make a succubus bad, very sharp and clear differences between the bad and the good.


My incubus once took a lot of my energy. I was new to him and figured he wanted my energy so I imagined pushing it at him and it felt like he was like shrug okay, and took it. Then a psychic friend told me to be careful cause he took a lot of my energy, and I could feel where it was taken, my stomach gut region. But then I just asked for it back and he gave it to me. I might have pushed too much at him, I can go overboard at times.


The day I joined BALG in Dec I had an experience.

I casually thought to myself how cool it would be to have a Succubus and called upon Lilith for one. That night I woke up to my hips elevated and a strong energy around my groin. I rolled over and went back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning I opened my eyes and closed them again resting when I heard a female voice. It was so clear and real like I was wearing headphones except I only heard her voice in my left ear as I was laying on my right side. She said “I usually eat man.”

The next night I woke up around 3am to find both my arms above my head with my wrists crossed. It felt like energy was being transferred up my arms. I quickly realized I was pinned down. I could not move my arms and muttered under my breathe “Are you fucking kidding me? WTF?! After a few failed attempts of moving my arms I was able to roll my legs back and then forward again and used that momentum to sit up on the side of the bed. I went back to sleep after but wasn’t allowed to sleep. I kept waking up. It was like the minute I fell asleep I woke up again.

The next night I set the intention of welcoming whomever had been visiting to come again and I gave permission to take some energy but I wanted to be awake for it. I didn’t have any experience that I remember and once again I was not allowed to sleep. The minute I fell asleep I woke up. Night 4 was like that too. I was so tired and I grew concerned for my health with little to no sleep for 4 days now. So that night I got baked and drunk to try and get some rest. I managed to get some sleep that night and haven’t been bothered since.

Be careful what you wish for lol


Well PR bleeding can be a matter for the Doctors if it is continuous…


There is no such thing as “bad” or “good” succubus or incubus. I think it depends on the terms of the contract you have with them and the agreement. If you are not very explicit or especific and somehing happens that is not of your liking you should just communicate with them and maybe discuss the contract a bit more clearly.


I am not even sure if you know what a G Spot is honestly…


It’s definitely not continuous, and I think it’s caused by constipation.


No contract sweetheart, it’s a demon attack… pure evil?

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I’m fucking dying :rofl:


No offense :leaves:

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I think if you have a succubus/incubus partner in a relationship that are not open to you and the spirit to have sex with others and you do not give sexual life energy. Then… Yes she/he wants to survive right? So they will be angry at you for not care… And to get your full atention that it is time to start doing some thing about it why not make one heard in anny way possible.

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To my experience, they can affect the physical body negatively if you let them push it over your limit. Just like it does when having too much sex with humans.

It seems you’re solely speaking of energies, without taken into consideration that few of us also have the full physical experience with these wonderful spirits.

When they have full access to our nervous system through our head chakra, it makes it possible for them to interact with us physically, but it’s not like when humans interact with eachother. Their touches goes beneath our skin, through the nerves and our bloodstream. That’s where we are most sensitive to electrical circuits and stimulus.

Just look at the map of the nervous system:

That’s how deep their touches goes. And the more intense the sexual experience is, the more chance of something to hurt or break will increase over time. It has nothing to do with ill intent, but rather not knowing our limits. Over time it will get balanced out.

Known issues, as I’ve experienced, and read from other practioners:

  • Overstimulation of the prostate, which can make it bigger.
  • Peeing blood.
  • Priapism.
  • Body Soreness.
  • Anal prolapse and hemmorhoids as a result of an overstimulated prostate.

…and these spirits do care about “other things than sex”. They can easily fall in love with their human partner, making the sexual aspect secondary. Sex is still important, but it’s not always their first priority. They are also careful to not push over our limits, even if it happens occasionally.

Other spirits with similar knowledges of the human body can, of course, use it against us and hurt us quite effectively if they want.


Thanks for your reply.
What about Obsessive-compulsive disorder? because I’m sure it’s a succubus thing and cause. They play with the brain … tubes and all the stuff… too much risk.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder can happen in the very first contacts with the the succubus. At first, it can make you suffer mentally for a period until things get a little bit better.

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Is that your own personal experience?
I have never heard of that or experienced that in any way, think it depends on the mental state of the human, actually believing in a succubus and experiencing that it is real can be something of a mind fuck(no pun intended)

but to add to your list,
-signs similar to that of a depression, wanting to withdraw from anything social


You mean like “falling in love”? It’s quite similar in many ways, because most of us get obsessed with the one we fall in love with, just like the obsessive-compulsive disorder makes us ritualistically obsessed with other things.

I think the obsession is natural and natural occurences fades over time, just like falling in love fades to a daily, functional and loving, relationship.

…and if the obsession about someone makes you feel good, there’s no reason to stigmatize it, right? But if the obsession excludes everything else in your daily life, then it could be a red flag.

The brain digging and tubes and stuff, comes with a reason: To establish a physical connection.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts… gladly.
Yeah maybe it depends on belief/mental state who knows, tho I don’t really think it’s enough to make difference in experience.

In case you don’t know, Obsessive-compulsive is a disorder (mental disaeas) you can search in google about it.