Hardening aura

I have kind of been following the Damien Echols books. I am hoping to build up enough to make a run at Rufus Opus’ Seven spheres. It is just that these 2 guys resonate with me. (I also like Tempest and Woodcroft, so I guess I am interested in angels until I work up the courage to work with demons)
(since this field of study is so enormous, I thought should give you some background)

I think I heard Echols say that we harden our Auras so that we will retain some of the growth from this life when we are born into the next.
But I also though I heard it helps keep our conciousness intact after death longer.

What if we are not born right away, do our “hardened auras” kind of float around like ghosts or something. Or do the hardening disintegrate and we have to start over.

Is there a general consensus on what Western thought thinks happens (or Eastern thought too) with our experiences from this life as effect/pertain to our next incarnation.
For instance, I think there is no way for an old guy like me (I’m 52) to finish the Great Work, but I would like to come back in better circumstance next time so I might have a chance of getting it done.



I would take things like this with a grain of salt and consider it UPG. In the end, we’re all playing connect-the-dots with the little bits we uncover, but our shapes will likely be different and we may not even be on the same page.

Well, we don’t know how much further we have to go, so this could be the last bit you’re needing to be done with this. If not, well, plenty of time to shorten the curve for the next life.

One thing to keep in mind is that although people have been practicing for decades, that isn’t the same as meaningful practice. If they only do rituals a few times a year, that is very different from someone that goes into some form of practice even monthly, let alone weekly or daily, in a very short amount of time.


The aura is an amalgamation of your spiritual health, mental health, physical health, and emotional health, among other things like your environment and people you come in contact with it can be manipulated in terms of influence, but I dont think it extends to the next life and such since your next life your aura may be very different than it is in this one.


That’s a curious perception, though I’ve read (No I haven not experienced it) that once you begin to perceive beyond the 7th layer of the aura that you will indeed encounter bands in the aura that relate to past lives. (It sounded as if many of these would be traumas that affect this life) I read mostly about it in a book about Aura healing that was recommended to me about two years ago from an older practitioner that cannot be found online.



A good thought. I wonder though do each of these bodies (spiritual, mental, physical etc) have their own auras? And if so, would the “death” of one body extinguish the flame from the others? If not then there might be a portion of the aura that carries over beyond lives, at least assuming it is strong enough to survive whatever the reincarnation process entails.

Purely conjecture.

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The way I believe it is you are capable of doing past life regression and possibly seeing how your aura was in that life but the aura is ever changing but it also acts as an energy separate (although connected) to the energy that flows in your energy system which is why it can be used in energy work, either for shielding, influencing others, or in attacks, etc.