Hard to tell if it’s all in my head

Forgive this of it’s a bit rambling and chaotic. I have rewritten it a few times and continue to move things around and add or take out sections to try and make things make sense. This is the best thing I came up with.

I have not worked with demons of the Goetia before. This is my first attempt at any such contact. I have limited freedom to practice, so on a whim really yesterday during my lunch break at work I went to my car with the sigil of Glasya Labolas, turned on a recording of his enn, and chanted along until I felt comfortable with it, then stopped the recording snd continued on my own, while looking at the sigil.

I noticed that even with my glasses on parts on the sigil seemed to fade in and out. Also around this time I thought I felt the energy around me change just a little. After a few more minutes I simply started talking. I thanked him for coming, and sort of just talked. Told him what my deepest wish was. Ask for his help and promised a more “complete” ritual soon. The I asked him to go in peace and said goodbye. The whole time I felt odd. Hard to describe. My hands were a bit shaky and everything felt different.

I get out of the car and start to walk back into my office and I felt like I wanted to dance, excited and loved. The sun was scorching hot and it felt wonderful.

My logical brain keeps asking me was any of that real or simply my own wishful imagination. I didn’t hear or see anything. I even closed my eyes and tried to see a shape or form and there was nothing. Everything I experienced could be explained away pretty easily.

In past rituals I was able to feel an almost tangible energy. But that was with a totally different set of entities, and ones I was very familiar working with.

I suppose I really want this to work. I need this to work. Because I want it so badly I am afraid I will “invent” an experience. I don’t think I really have a question now that everything is written. I guess I am just sharing what happened and looking to see if others may have had something similar.

Thank you for reading.


The vulnerability opened to it is the first step. Then knowledge, lots and lots.
Determining contact, asnd then the real them you sought, those are generally the first concern.
Have them flash the sigil in your mind based on a keyword or safeword. That is an easy test for them.
They know of us, and they hear us. So, we dont really need to see them … just hear them inside the noggin.


It’s not in your head.



Well technically all of reality that you experience is in your head without senses you cannot interact with the world whatsoever and most humans senses are limited to the ones that interact with the third dimension

I definitely don’t have your problem I didn’t start Magic on a whim the spiritual entities came to me

until finally one literally put the information in my head so that I can do black magick

Also just because something can be explained by scientists doesn’t mean there isn’t a spiritual and or magic aspect to it

For instance one of the most beneficial spells I’ve ever done I did when I was in jail I was threatened by a very large Thug who claimed he was going to attack me at lunch for some reason he told me at breakfast I guess he wanted me to be afraid for a few hours so I called out to my spirit the one that taught me magic and I requested that he protect me from this individual and when we were let out for lunch right before my eyes I saw him trip in a way as if he was pushed by something unseen and he cracked his skull open and he had to be taken out

I smiled at him

May Satan’s light shine so that you can see your way down the dark path of life


I’m reading Lucifer and The Hidden Demons right now. And your question of whether or not its real or in your head is discussed there quite a bit.
In the book the summoning of demons are mediated through what is called “Pathworking”
The method by many users here been experimented thoroughly.
In the book Pathworking is a set of words written with vivid imagery where the operator shifts his mental awareness to a different reality.
Pure imagination but literally quite real.
Visualization techniques can help but if you daydream you already have the ability to conjure demons and spirits the like.
The techniques are all keys tho. As with anything to access more parts of the mind and ether.

You doing good so far. Keep working the magic with conviction and sincerity. Don’t give up. You’re awakening as we speak


The real way to answer that question is seeing results in the real world
I also recommend trying to do magic with your own power don’t always rely on spirits you have a power inside you