Happyyyy birthdaaay to mee

Today is my birthday :slight_smile: exactly at 3:33am.
I woke up 10 min before it ! Yeaah

Today is a Day that I should take care of me and stop thinking about my derealization.

I thank the universe that I’m still alive, that my desire to be dead diseapered. I thank the universe that I was born with being able to see beauty all arround me and for my great childish imagination.
I thank the universe, but maybe more Lucifer! My brain scan date finally arrived yesterday ! I’m now waiting for result.

I want also to thank and felicite myself. Good job me, world is hard, life is a bitch and you are still here doing your best. Look at you ! You even get a job. 1 year before you still sayed that it’s impossible. Maybe the sewing création you do dont make you proud, but dont abbandon ! Everyone start somewhere.

Today I will take a bath, because I like it even if I dont stay long x) I will take magick mushroom for a gift to me, because it maked me feel so grounded and connected after 10month of derealization…
I will also do a tarot reading, because why not :p.

Birthwish: Soon I want to go live in nature… Exiting the society, living on my own with my garden and killing my food…

Everyone have a nice day !
Happy birthday to me :smiley:


Happy Birthday!! :sparkles: :smiley:


Happy birthday! :grinning::+1::clinking_glasses::beers::birthday::tada:

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Thank yoouu :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Also Thank you to have given me your help

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Happy birthday



Happy, happy birthday :birthday: :partying_face: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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Hells yea witching hour!

I second that. I don’t know you, but I know the struggle and I can relate. Just keep at it and be kind to yourself. That shit is severely underrated.

And also, happy birthday! I hope your day will be awesome and then some! :grin:


Tahnk you .w.

Thank you :smiley:
i dont think many people know my birthday ahah

Thank you .w. :kissing_heart:

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Hell yeah the chance I have ahaha I was also the birthday present of my mom.x)

Everyone struggle in their live, one day or another. everyone should know : you are doing your best, keep it up .w.

And thank you ^^ I will do my best to have a fabulous day ! Maybe I will give some mush to Lucifer and try to talk to him xD

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Happy Birthday @Selkie :birthday:

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Thank you ^w^

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Happy birthday :scorpius:


very random synchronicity , I was just singing the song “It’s my birthday” by will i am for no reason when I saw this post :slight_smile: Happy birthday!


Happy birthday :stars:

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thank yooouu :crescent_moon:

I didnt know this song ! I like the lyrics, but I would prefer a woman to sing it I don’t know why :’)
thank you :slight_smile:

thaaaannk yooou ! :smiley:

maybe you should do some magick for a female version of the song to come out soon !otherwise i’ll sing for you!