Happy to be here + Can I use more than one Goetic Demon for the same purpose?


My name is Alex, I’m 31 years old, I’m from Chile (a.k.a. the ass of the world), and the first thing I need to say is:

I’m really really REALLY happy to be here in this forum with you guys.

I did write a long presentation, as I need to ask for help and guidance, but I read the other presentations and they were mostly short, so I guess it’s better to keep it simple here and then create another thread.

As I don`t know what to say here, I’ll just comment a little on my background.

I have some previous experience in magick.

I started with some pseudo rosacrucian current-ish (it was a series of books from the 50’s, that later I learned were mostly rip offs of Leví, Blavatsky, Krumm Heller, etc.), Qabbalah, a little of this and that, a little of Chaos Magick, but mostly Thelemic approaches.

At a certain point of my life I stopped the practical side of Magick and I just kept reading about Thelema and Qabbalah, basically.

It was not a question of doubt, not at all, but I really didn’t had any idea of self assertion in the world, so when I faced the possibility of doing it through Magick, compromising myself with the world out there seemed pretty alien to me.
I was immature and definitely had a lot to grow before being able to continue.

And so I just kept reading about “non physical matters” and doing Ouija seances and such.

Maybe this is supposed to happen at some point (?)

The terrible situation that got me here:

I found the forum searching for spells and rituals of destruction, for protecting me and my family.

Currently I’m on very a stressful life or death situation.

I know I’m gonna be writing something like “I finally did it!” in here at some moment.
I hope it’s soon.
This has to be very soon if I want to keep living.

It could be very long to write this in detail, but quickly:

Me and my family (elderly parents) have been psychologically tortured over the lasts 6 years by psychopathic neighbours. Intensely.

I’ve had bad neighbours before in other houses. Loud neighbours. But this is a completely different situation.
We are talking of plain torture.
It is unbearable. It’s consuming me. I’m tremendously damaged at this moment.

We cannot sleep, eat, watch tv, rest, listen to music, read, or bring people here.
Nor we can live with dignity.

Of those 6 years, the days we have spent with the security of being able to properly conduct our lives here, and rest by night, are ZERO.

They have made us suffer tremendously.
They know it and they enjoy it.
They literally laugh at us when see us overwhelmed by it.

Other neighbours are affected too, but our house is the most brutalized by far.

I found out about 3 months ago that they did the exact same thing with the elderly couple who lived in here before us. One of them died.

The old man was sick of a very agressive cancer. The psychopats neighbours knew it but it didn’t make them stop, quite the contrary it seemed to have amused them, and the old man died in the midst of their psychological torture, without being able to rest.
His wife told us so. She was very honest from the start (but we had to buy the house in a hurry as we had nowhere to go), she sold us the house, and very soon she died too.
It’s very possible her organism didn’t resist the intensity of the anguish she and her husband had experienced.

They are millionaire, but they live here because they would be kicked out from more expensive neighbourhoods, so they built their home in such a way that all the noise they make goes directly to us and the rest of elder neighbours, and if the cops come they hear very little from the street (it’s complicated to describe).

Plus the wife/mother of the family works in the “city council” (municipal offices), so they don’t really do nothing because she works in a department there.

So, because of this and a vision in which I was informed that I had to fight in order to save my life and my parent’s, I reconnected with the practical Magick. And here comes the question about Goetic Demons

I started to look for spells and rituals and found this forum. I feel so glad it exists I cannot put it in words. You guys inspired me to perform my two first Goetic Evocations call.

I called Leraje and Glasya-Labolas to get rid of 2 of them. That was like a week ago. It was amazing. Lovely. Beautiful. Like a LSD trip.

The thing is: in this situation, I really cannot just wait for it to happen because the it would drive me completely insane. I know the evocations will do, but I need to keep working on this.

Is it alright send other Demons to help me with the exact same mission I charged Leraje and Glasya-Labolas (get rid of those people)?

Is there any problem if I keep doing Magick on those bastards? I mean, I sent Demons, but I need them to be gone forever, so I want to use all that I could use against them. ALL.


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Welcome to the forum.

To answer your question, yes, you can send more demons. However, in my opinion, you would be better served by including spirits that work in different ways so they don’t inadvertently conflict.

In his book Baneful Magick, EA Koetting has a curse that uses 9 different spirits that bring about demise through different mechanisms: Paimon, Belial, Marbas, Sammael, Focalor, Guland, Pazuzu, Heptamaltor, and Keltar.

Layering your curse in such a way attacks your target from every conceivable angle.


Multiple goetia can be used for the same task yes, and more times than not they work great together.


Wonderful. Thanks for those tips!

What a funny coincidence this was in my unrelated search. I was thinking about the same thing. Great thing about BALG. Thanks for the answer. :clap:

I totally empathise with you. Whereas it is fine to bring in more spirits to attack from different angles, be wary of the whole lust for results thing.
It is immensely tempting to smash everything you can find at them day in day out in an attempt to accelerate the outcome. But doing so doesn’t help.

I would suggest plan out what you’re going to do in detail and then execute the plan.

Be prepared to be patient. For me, this is the hardest part. Just be aware that results will happen in their own time.