Happy New Year!

Dear friends I wish to be the first to wish you a Happy New Year and all your desires to become reality . Thank you for the advises that I received from you and I am really glad I can chat with people that really know what are they talking about. Happy journey on the magical path !

Happy New Year to all of you too! I joined this forum around a year ago, and it has been an absolute godsend. Best wishes to everyone on balg :slight_smile:

Same from me, I achieved some really amazing goals that could only happen with dem magicks this past year, and you should see my “To Do” list for 2016… :wink:

Lots of love, and I couldn’t resist this gif coz it’s a bit like my avatar!

My biggest personal “achievements” happened 5 years ago, when it comes to magic and the spiritual path. This year has been about helping and spreading my own experiences about intimate spirits like “succubus” and “incubus”. So with that in mind, I think it was quite the ride. I’m looking forward to 2016!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year BALG’ers! Have the most successful and productive year. :slight_smile:

Happy Nude Year, everyone. May the coming year bring you all Power, Joy, and Ascension!

Happy New Year. Crush all enemies and may Satan be with you.

All the same to everyone - here’s to all that is best in life!

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