Happy Jól 2021 ;)

Year 2021 is ending…

To me it was not so happy year since I met a boss who is a real mf(I mean, mezzo forte, mezzo forte) but it was certainly happier than the last year.

Although the pandemic has not ended yet, thanks to some people dumber than a hamster out there, I am grateful for I’m alive to wish you guys health and happiness.

I think Jólnir would be wishing us all to have courage and walk our way.

Have a happy Jól.
I wish you guys are happy for the remaining 2021 days and the upcoming year. Maybe enjoying delicious cakes(I prefer those containing yogurt and strawberries) and meat dishes like sausages, oven-baked chicken, et al. would be great for this period.
(1 dislike from your vessel, of course)

And if you can, please drink some wine for me because I have to spend alcohol-free Jól period…


I hope you are going to be happy as well for the rest of 2021.

Let’s take 2022 by the throat and make the best of it when it comes, stay safe, people!