Handling a very deluded lady who works with the Dead

So, I’ve had to handle someone who started a war with me before my damnation, and she returned after my damnation to have another pop at me. This is because I somehow pissed her off online, which her astral double confirmed to me, and my spirits told me this too through one of Orlee’s readings that I had last year.

I’ve searched all of my past messages on Skype, BALG, and Facebook, and I cannot find any evidence of pissing anyone off, apart from one PM where a forum member was asking about her pact with Azazel - it ended up with me eventually putting my foot down and getting assertive because she was wallowing in excuses and self pity, and it was getting tiresome because she wasn’t taking my advice, and I was having to repeat myself. I couldn’t help her anymore but when she got defensive and accused me of being rude, I stopped responding and muted the conversation.

I rarely talk to anyone on Skype, I usually reserve Skype for business dealings. I only talk to people I know, on Facebook, for the most part.

Other than that, I have no recollection of having said anything to anyone online that would piss them off to the degree where they launched a nuclear attack designed to cause me maximum pain and suffering.

She works with the Dead and has been using the Dead heavily in her attacks, but she also uses mind control spells and binding spells. She has this need to control people and spirits to have them do her bidding instead of working with them in the usual way. To get to the point, I’ve gotten to the point now where it’s necessary to sever the psychic connection between her and myself, because she just isn’t letting it go - even her sister is saying that she needs to shut up about it now. I’ve been keeping my mind off her for the most part, and doing my best to fix p the damage she caused and to get myself healed, and to get my life back on track (hard to do in a lockdown but hey…). But the Dead who work for her and a few guys working on her behalf are still bothering me and attacking me. There are three men I’m currently having to deal with. Currently, the focus seems to be centred around false accusations stemming from her. But I also know the Dead like to stir things up for the feeding frenzy they crave.

I’ve been given a ritual to do with Belial from Velco (who I went to for a reading to try and find a way forward) to sever the connection between me and her, and it calls for grave dirt, tourmaline and selenite. I’ve ordered the crystals but the Royal Mail are taking forever and I’m still waiting on them. Velco told me the spirits are stressing the need to sever the connection between us. So I’m wondering if there’s a free and simple, but effective way to sever the connection in the meantime, while I wait for the crystals I need for the proper ritual? I know of Archangel Michael but will that be enough, given the type of severance ritual I was given to do with Belial?

How do I silence her? She can’t seem to get off the topic of me, and seems to be spreading false accusations around, and some of these people are attacking me, from what I can tell.

Any help would be fantastic. I’ve healed most of the trauma, but this feels like she’s obsessing, and these attacks are kind of creating morre trauma for me to heal, like I’m going around in circles.

I won’t target her because she is protected by (afaics) 4 spirits of the Dead (a matron with 3 “children”). They are a MAJOR pain in the butt to deal with.

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You could work out a deal with Hecate or Hel to also find a resolution to her using the dead. Worth a shot.

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I thought about it but the Dead are acting on the commands from the 3 men who are defending her. I eliminate them, more follows because the attacks from the 3 men are still ongoing.

I’m working with my ancestors and my usual spirits to try and resolve matters with these 3 men in a more diplomatic way.

Have you considered reaching out to Santa Muerte?


I’m her devotee. And she does protect me as much as she can. Unfortunately she doesn’t seem to have authority over these specific spirits of the Dead for some reason, but I am questioning that, because they rely heavily on deception and trickery.


Ahhh, gotcha. Hmmm… This is a tricky one.


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Maybe Tzaphkiel Archangel of Binah? I dont know for sure but it came to my mind.

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Thanks. Do you have his sigil? Just Googled but can’t find it.

You can find the sigil in Damian Echols book called Angels and Archangels.

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

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My instinct on this is to try a good old fashioned plain and simple return to sender rite.

I suspect it could catch someone this unstable, obsessed and rabid unprepared, particularly considering they’ve sent so much at you.

I would but she has some nasty spirits of the Dead protecting her and acting as spies. If I knew which deity they serve under, I could bypass them.

Consecrate and banish the space and fuck them off… Ward around and put some familiar spirits or servitors of your own on guard so they can’t worm their way back during the rite.

Tried that, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked.

I just need their superiors’ name(s).