Halphas and telepathy?

as it may be obvious, i have done an evocation of halphas, the first evocation of my own that is even seemingly successful. i have some success in the theta gamma sync, although my eyes seem shaky when they phase out, and it seems like i get pulled in and out. its an odd feeling, but it seems to me that ive almost reached full tgs. i prepared questions and a request from said spirit, and i believe ive gotten responses, although the responses came to me as my own thoughts, literally i cant tell if the answers came from me or him, but as it seems i had a gut feeling it wasnt my own thought. i did look up and see wat appeared as a smoggy, unclear, translucent figure in front of me, that shifted into like, a white orb figure. i then was sure that i wasnt alone, and felt the presence almost in the same way one gets the chills, i felt its power rise through the left side of my being, before that when i was sigil gazing, i felt my power drain through my entire right side, not soon after i felt the presence grow, and stated my intentions (previously written, of course) he gave me the instructions to burn the paper that i had written this on in my incense burner, so i did. mind you it wasnt clear instructions, it was as if i knew i needed to so i automatically did. as part of the ritual i had three crystals, that have seemed mystically significant to me, positioned “strategically” on my altar, white (as myself) red (as the connection) and black (as the forces to be moved) i also had some water in a chalice, consecrated specifically to this ritual infront of the altar as a gateway, right next to my incense. the spirits “instructions” were for me to put the crystals in the vial i normally keep them in, and add some of the ritual water from the chalice to the vial and let it sit for three days, before drinking the water, as a way to channel power into the water i assume. then my next instruction was to put the burnt paper into the ritual water and add a flammable substance, burn the water for a breif time, and spread it throughout my ritual space, my questions were seemingly answered, and i guess only time will tell the results. has anyone else had any experiences like this where the spirit tells you to do certain things in a almost telepathic way, that you dont hear or read, but just know you have to do in order for success? is my experience seeming to have worked? is it possible that anyone knows wat this means? one last thing, i have no way to perform divination at the time, or atleast i dont have any of the tools that anything ive read or seen deems necessary, so i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to perform one for me, you can p.m. me for any info, and if necessary i can figure out some form of repayment. i appreciate any comments of opinions, or suggestions, advice, ect. thank you for taking your time to read my experiences

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I haven’t contacted Halphas as of yet but that sounds about right to me.