Halloween rituals, costumes? Post your Halloween rituals and Halloween costumes you plan to wear👹

On Halloween I plan to do meditations entertain myself with some Halloween movies and of course wear my Ninja outfit to go trick or Treating happy Halloween :jack_o_lantern:

What do you plan to do on Halloween magickally candying wise, entertainment wise?

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Me and my bf plan to join the wild hunt in the middle world in a projection on Halloween. It’s not really candy wise but it’s entertainment wise depending on how you look at it.


I am actually thinking of dressing as a plague doctor with a sign on my back that says “SCP-049 escaped Containment” and pass out candy. I will likely hold a burnt offering for my ancestors once the fun comes to an end


I’ll take inspiration of this to conceive a Persephone ‘costume’ (I don’t have a conection with her, I hope she dosen’t feel bad).

Is this or paint my face as the Papa Emeritus, lol


I’ll be doing the closing rites to my Archangel operation then, and I’ll be at work most likely during the day too.

Si amo con clavi!

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This year the ultimate in Halloween Moons. May your skies be clear. It is supposedly to be clear where i live though a lil ground fog and a few spooky clouds would be fine.

Anyways… while at my local store I chatted up Skellers…

And because of my blathering Skeller was fired. So, here’s how skellers lives…

Hanging out at the hobo gym camp of mine… with Santa

Here’s Ducky Kruger… my pet duck.

And here are a few of my hut pics in my gym under the tree.



Bro, I am gonna be SCP-049 to

Lmao that’s fantastic

I’ve read about an intention to call Lilith and indeed one of these days is dedicated to her, also, I don’t know which periods of the year my local legends assign to Sabbath but I’m curious about visualizing myself attending it prior going to bed.

Full blue all hallows eve moon! That’s pretty dang magical.

I can’t wait to call on Moon Goddess Lilith on that night.

I want to avoid eating too much sugary candy. But who can resist, right?
Is @Traveler6973 still a member here? I know he asked to take down his account.


If you want to avoid sugary candy just go with baking like I do. I usually get a ton of tasty frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s and bake them on Hallows eve. It’s a great candy replacement and I believe a lot more traditional than the sugary candy.


Happy Halloween!
If I had a mask I would go trick or treating to at least one house, just because.

Oh fun, I will be wearing black demon horns and a black dress, will be evoking,
Hecate, Lucifer, Aim, Azazel, Lillith and Satan.
With additional candy and blood offerings.

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Finishing up the ritual to turn my dead cat into a familiar spirit, evoking Hekate, other misc stuff. Left a piece of a cake I made at crossroads.


I went for a hike today and came upon what I assume was a all hollows sacrifice. It looks sloppy and piss poor. Total amateur or a dabbler imho.


I’ve never done an animal sacrifice. It sounds like you have experience with it? I’m not judging if you do, I’m actually genuinely curious.

The goat here looks more dumped and stabbed a few times. I can’t say much was done as i wasn’t there but it appears to be a drunken mess. The fur wasn’t brushed or trimmed and looks filthy except the head. This goat had 4 horns and i’ve not seen one like this face to face. I don’t tend to sacrifice live animals because i believe sacrificing parts of yourself or things you actually hold dear to be more faithful to a ritual. Animals you have little regard for just seems like a weak sacrifice. I am probably wrong but I feel a sacrifice like this should be more elaborate.

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