Halloween rituals (calling upon the Devil)

This first ritual was more meditative and was to establish the intent and being I will call forth later.

I walked to work today and every time I do so I go through a path near a small wooded area. Today I brought some basil leaves and flowers and picked up some stuff on the way; a branch that almost flew into the street, a seed pod on the sidewalk and a leaf that glided onto my shoe. I put all of them in the woods and declared “I give back to the land”. I then asked to be visited in my dreams by the Devil. (I made sure no one was within earshot when I did this).

When I came home I felt a strong presence in my room. It’s still there. It’s comforting but also a little stronger than I’m used to.

Later in the night I will meditate on my actions earlier, do a short ritual and then sleep.

Have a nice Hallow’s Eve.


This is powerful on many levels and I’m impressed by your creativity. Thanks for sharing.


I called upon the 4 elements and when I called upon the fifth I summoned the Devil. The ritual itself used no tools; I wanted to depend upon my force. With sleep dreams will come. I’m being told to rest now; I’m being told to write before I rest… I’m being told tonight my thoughts will be answered.
I’m hearing strange things and tingling. Heh. It feels nice. Sleep, I must. I’m falling into sync with the spirits and, sleep, I must.


I love that you’re really exploring the traditional path ! You’re in for a wild ride :wink: literally. Can’t wait for your update on this !



Me; Who are you? Who would you say you are?

Devil; I am older than man, but as young as earth-life. I am every animal’s breath and the roots of the plants. I’m also you, to an extent. That strange change of heart when you enter the woods? It is I telling you to respect my realm and remember you too are a beast. The Devil is in all that breathes

_I called you because I would like to learn Trad Craft. Can you help me? Do you think I’m ready? _

You can paint the world with your mind. You know how to do the magic, you know what imagination is, and a witch needs both. I think you shall fare well on the path. However, the rite you did was not one of initiation. Should you feel the time is good, call me again with this intention in mind. Then you shall be a witch-in-full, and I shall help you as I do all my disciples. I know you have much to keep up with at the moment, so rest easy and study my Craft when you have the leisure.

Thank you… One last question; what names do you go by?

You know me as Devil. I am a Horned God and the Old One. I am distinct from Satan, as I am Breath but Satan is Force. Nonetheless, my guises are often known by the Christians as synonymous with Satan. Names of different peoples of various speech shall come by you eventually, but to say a few of my English names, I am known also as Black One, King of Witches and, by other sorts of cunning folk, as Infernal Majesty.

Thank you for being respectful, Sabah.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me

The Devil’s deep, dark goat-horned man-like form with fur and a long bushy tail, bristle-like and blacker than night, was broken by a flash of white fangs from his upcurled mouth. I bowed, he nodded, and then we departed. I still remember the fact his hooves were silent as he stepped. The faintest hint of feathered wings only appeared as I turned to walk into darkness


It warms my heart to see the makings of a true traditional witch ! You’ll be a good one too ! I call him the Black Man of the Sabbat, the Horned One.

If you read Book of the Witch Moon by Michael Ford, he has a section of participating in the astral Sabbat. The devil has a lot to teach you, I’m so exited for you.

Get ready to learn about a lot of herbs and ointments! I can’ wait till you meet all the other names I shared with you :slight_smile:

Reclaim the power of ancient witchcraft, it’s all yours for the taking :slight_smile: