Halloween Rite - The Ritual of Infernal Majesty

This Halloween me and one other person will be performing a highly advanced and extremely powerful ritual which Azazel calls " The Ritual Of Infernal Majesty ".

Now I have worked with demonic powers, beings and forces over the past 10 years, to a large degree, but this ritual will top it all.

Azazel explained to me that the infernal council of hell, wish to bestow upon me infernal majesty, making me a demonic king.

This is interesting, since he actually means a true demonic king, there are many beings to be called in this ritual.

Such as Lucifer, Lucifuge Rofacle, the demonic gatekeepers and the nine demonic kings.

That’s not including all their legions and familiars that will follow them, this ritual is no joke things like blood and sexual fluids will be used.

I have no idea what to even expect but I can’t wait, i’ll keep you all updated and tell you the results of the rite once completed.

Sincerely Conner Kendall.