Halloween oracle cards

Anyone want a reading … warning I’m fucked up
So Idk what you will get. …


I’m down!


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I’d love a general fucked up reading please! :grin:

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I’m just gonna do a three card

  1. the heart of the issue

The mummy , change is inevitable. But it’s gonot be for better

2 Midnight
The challenge

Relax in darkness. We all have light and dark

3 the solution
Skull of flowers

Bloom through adversity. Be a budding flower


I’m down for one, baby doll :rose:

Thank you!

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I love the art on those cards :heart_eyes:

  1. heart of the issue

Skull of light , illumination

Allow yourself to be seen

  1. the challenge. . Death, the eternal cycle begins here

Don’t fear death or something dying away it’s only a new beginning

The solution


Sweetness and synergy

I got nothing

This is some not cake not bread food that they cook stuff in on Halloween

Get the coin prosperity and luck

Get the pea no marriage for you
The stick. … not good

The cloth bad luck…

You wanna know the future but remember now…

Seek your own path


Ty @Eye_of_Ra!

I’m lit right now too :joy: and will have to process this. :thinking: Awesome cards and reading ty :blush:

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  1. the heart of the issue

Scrying , intuition

Don’t really soley on logic use your imagination :unicorn:

  1. the challenge
    The lamp , remembrance

Learn from nemesis
Darkness can illuminate strengths to live clearly

  1. The solution

The mummy , change

Your not cursed just stuck in a pattern
You can take control and change

Hey this is what I said the other day when I said you were all wrapped up in something like a spiders web and you needed to cut your way through
The sword you need to cut it is your will to take control to change it! :slight_smile:


I want a fucked up reading lol

Just a general would be cool, maybe with a focus on love related issues

Thank you, my lovely @Eye_of_Ra :rose:

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The heart of the issue
Eternal love
Transcends physical death

Love is powerful
Be ready to open up

  1. the challenge
    Forgiveness … reducing burden

Who do you need forgive? It could be yourself.

  1. The solution

The apple
Risk and reward

Are you willing to risk to get rewarded

  1. the heart of the issue

Jack of lantern
Your are protected and capable of creating the life you want.

It’s ok to set boundaries

  1. the challenge
    Black cat
    Fortune meets opportunity

Be prepared to take advantage of opportunity that comes your way.

  1. The solution
    Vampire .emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence fosters healthy relationships of all kinds

Be awaready of who drains you and who gives you energy


Ok I’m stopping I have to go to work in the morning … hope somehow these mad sense :joy:

Made sense :joy:


I think it’s saying it ok to want to know the future but don’t forget to live in the moment
Shine in this moment and if somethings have to die for that to happen it will only Set the stage for newness to birth


Good night everyone :sparkling_heart:


Goodnight, and thank you for the reading :slight_smile: