Halfway Success

I feel plagued by halfway success. I’ll ask a demon or spirit for something and it’ll seem to appear, but only a little bit. When I ask for stuff I really could live without, it happens! For example I asked to get into this program, just cause I don’t have much else to do with my life besides work, and I made it in!! However, when I ask for stuff I really really want or even need, it seems to get enough traction to make me super happy, then die out. Anyone else experience anything similar? What do you do with it?

It’s caused by your excess of desire. When you don’t particularly care about something, you are more likely to get it because your attachment isn’t dragging on the magick.

The more you want something, the more attachment you have to the outcome of your magick, the more you drag down the energy and trap it in your emotion.

The key is to completely hand over the desire to the spirit, to exhaust all the emotion in the ritual, and get to the point where you either don’t care about it any more, or you simply expect it to arrive, like you just ordered it from Amazon.