Half Results again

I recently summoned Sitri again in hope of getting laid with my aunt ( if you check my 1st post on this forum …it was regarding this matter only :stuck_out_tongue: )

I gave Sitri her hairs as a payment and also it will create a stronger link with the victim…

That night I had a dream of having sex with aunt ( good sign )

Few days later I observed changes in her attitude towards me . She asked me if I could drop her to her office on my motorcycle… During the journey … She held me tightly around my waist ( this was the 1st time she did it ) …

Next day in the evening her children were fighting …she was irritated and asked me to stop the quarrel… I did so…
Then happened the thing which I NEVER imagined will happen… She gave me kiss on cheek and said that I always help her very much… :slight_smile:

P.S she is very conservative Hindu woman… So her kissing me was impossible…

But I didn’t got laid with her… :frowning:

Damm it …i don’t know …why I get half results!

Did you ever stop to consider her for a minute? If she is a conservative Hindu woman then is it not possible that she will not cheat on her husband? And if you did manage to control the situation to the degree where you force the circumstance to MAKE her sleep with you, firstly, is that not rape in a manner of speaking, and secondly, how do you think she will feel afterward, having cheated on her husband? People have committed suicide for less. Even if she wants to sleep with you, she probably can’t bring herself to do so.

Well, spirits are unlikely to cause a complete change in a person’s personality.

A very conservative woman in a conservative society is not going to rush to bed with you (on her seeming own initiative) regardless of how she may be feeling in the moment, there’s simply too much on the line. Basically, you have your work cut out for you based on the circumstances and are unlikely to be able to just lie back and let them come without being a bit more proactive.

(They can come without you practically lifting a finger, but this looks unlikely to be one of those cases).

I’m also presuming you mean aunt in the Indian cultural manner, rather than biological relation. I just thought I’d mention that in case someone is reading and confuses it for incest and jumps on you in their misunderstanding.

Lol you want to bang ur Aunt. I’m no one to judge. I hear Hindu women are easy to get to cheat because thier husbands don’t please them at all sexually. If u get ur aunt to have sec with you. I give u major props. LMFAO

EVERYONE P.S :- The aunt I was referring to is a a friend of my mother … We DON’T Have any biological connection… I should I have used the word " Mother’s Friend " :3 … And she is about 26yrs only

So if it did happen and your mother found out, you would also be breaking up a friendship. I think you need to choose a more attainable target for now mate.

Doesn’t need to be girls of your age group, just determine if there are any barriers. For instance, with your mother’s friend, she is married and may be committed to that marriage, and she is a friend of your mothers which may mean a great deal to her. Then think in terms of what might be going through her mind. Let’s say she is thinking of sleeping with you. This may confuse her to begin with because the feelings would be sudden and you are so much younger than she is (are there any laws of statutory rape in your country that would make you a minor?), so there’s one possible barrier, then the thought of cheating on her husband and ruining her friendship with your mother would weigh heavy on her mind, two more barriers.

Of course there are ways to get around all of this, but then you have to ask yourself, are you prepared to do that? Do you care about her, or do you just want to get laid and you really don’t give a damn about her feelings or if your actions will lead to ruining her life?

Its sort of like driving a car. You need to get from point A to point B and there are 5 different routes you can take. Some routes will lead there quickly, but may risk damage to the car, some routes will take longer, with less damage, and some will just get you half way there and then get lost with no damage. Probably a bit of a bad analogy because a car is an inanimate object, but how much damage to the car (your mother’s friend or another woman/girl) are you prepared to do.

Any magick that you perform comes with the question, no matter what the outcome, are you prepared to take responsibility for your actions. If not, then don’t do it. There was a good article I read some years back by Phil Hine about morals and in the article it said something to the effect of “If you are not prepared to stand up in front of a crowd of people and announce what you did, then don’t do it.” I think its the best guideline I have ever come across.

If she really is dedicated to her husband no matter what witch craft you do she won’t cheat. you should talk to her when she’s alone. Tell her you like this girl. Then ask her what she thinks is romantic. Then ask her how she thinks you should treat the girl u like. Tgen that will let you see how her husband treats her. It’s doable. If she says oh my husband doesn’t really do anything romantic for me. You should omg. If u were my wife id be so happy that everyday id bring you flowers. Or something like that. I think u can pull it off. Do another evocation of Sitri and see what he says to do. I get the feeling you can pull it off.

Her husband lives in another town due to his work and hardly comes come for 9-10 days … So I don’t think that the girl would be satisfied by her husband… :wink:

Lol the whole time I was looking at the comment,I kept saying to myself this can work. yeah dude u might be able to get it to work. Maybe you need to add a kick too it to keep the momentum going. Maybe you should ask Sitri. When u do the evocation ask is there anything else you need to Gurantee what I want? Then he will put the image of what he needs to get the job done.

what method did you use to summon the spirit?