Halah’thor wants evocation every 5 hours!

Hey, all.

I Just evoked Halah’thor. I wrote down my experience and here it is.

Halah’thor seemed odd. Like in a good way.

For instance he gave me a presence of intense pins and needles. But it wasn’t like normal pins and needles. It was like tic tacks shooting into my feet.

His voice sounded quiet at first but got louder when he wanted to voice himself.

What makes me feel somewhat regretful was when he asked me to evoke him every 5 hours. He said he can manifest anything if I do that for a month.

This seems extremely rough as every 5 hours is a serious evocation workout.

I don’t know how I feel about that.

I asked him if he could manifest within my dreams and talk to me there, as a test to his commitment as I will commit to his work.

So that’s basically all.

Thanks, Spojiec.

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Do you need to manifest anything? Or just things that are slightly out of reach? What exactly do you want to manifest? Figure this bit out first.
Then, have a chat with Halah’thor. What would occur if the schedule was, say, every 12 hours?
As a reminder, evoking spirits doesn’t need all the ritual trappings (knife, cup, incense and a metric fuckton of candles). All you need is you.
Btw, how did you evoke Halah’thor?


No entity needs this. It’s either a pushback test or a red flag.


Yeah I got a red flag when he said that. I really don’t believe that he’s really wants that, but its more my lack of wanting to.

I used his sigil and his enn.


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Hell, I wouldn’t want to, either :slight_smile:

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