Haitian voudan

I feel pulled and compelled to learn voudan

Call Legba! Find the Veve! Make it happen.

Good luck buddy. Let me know how it went.

Best of wishes


Try to reach out to a hougan or mambo so they can teach you. Learn all you can about the Loa and how to please them

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You don’t need anyone other than the Lwa themselves. Granted it would be easier if he had someone to show him the ropes but if can’t find someone to teach him, there’s always Legba.


Yup, I’d prefer a spirit teacher anyday :slight_smile:

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True. I thought it might be easier if he talked to someone who had some experience. As long as he goes to Legba first and respects him, he’ll be fine


Haitian Vodou has never been a solitary practice, it’s a community based religion. The only way you can practice completely alone is if you are Haitian and have inherited family Lwa, but that doesn’t apply to people off the island. Different people may have different personal relationships with the Lwa, but that’s not the same as being Haitian Vodouisant. We use specific “signs” to recognize our brothers and sisters that can only be given by godparents. We also have methods of distinguishing legitimate Lwa from imposter spirits who play Lwa to get offerings and attention. Western people often don’t understand this but most ATRs are ancestral practices, which means the secrets are passed orally through the chain of elders. “Solitary magicians” don’t exist in Haitian Vodou outside the Sanpwel/Bizango secret societies which are completely closed to non-Haitians. If a white person claims to be a Haitian bokor, they are lying.

Anyway, I also recommend making offerings to Legba and petition him to open the doors for you to find a good house and community. If you’re sincere and the Lwa are truly calling you, things will fall into place and they’ll introduce you to the right people to take you further. And feel free to PM if you end up going to Haiti.