Haitian Vodoun Initation and Practice

Hey everyone, I would like to know how can I become initiated into Haitian Vodoun and how can I also pursue this spiritual path to it’s full protential? Any feedback you send me will be always greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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You get chosen by the Loa… Beleive it or not this is also the same with many of the Divine we practice with. If and when ur ready they will find you and either drive u mad ( like out of your fucking mind mad ) or if you humble yourself and take upon bended knee they will accept you and teach you.

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[quote=“The Eye”]Loas chose talented people and drive them to the right person to be initiated.

You can’t learn haitian vodou by yourself.

You have to be chosen, then instructed the proper way.[/quote]

Enough said.

And we see LOTS of charlatans around. And even the most unexpected ones are charlatans.

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Basically whats been said so far is ultimately correct.The Loa/Orisha will guide you in subtle ways throughout your life until they lead you to the right people. I stumbled into what I thought to be some magical supply shop which turned out to be a Botanica full of african statuary I was totally unfamiliar with and immediately sensed a powerful presence in one specifically, to the point where I had to avert my eyes because I felt like the statue was aware I was looking at him. I later saw him in a lucid dream state and had further experiences until I finally got a caracoles reading which exained some things. Anyway, what blew my mind was the realization that I was indeed lead to that specific Santero to learn from. What I perceived as random events in life finally made sense and all came together luke pieces in a puzzle.
When the time is right you will know if you are chosen, but if you arent save yourself the trouble. These are very ancient and powerful forces…

I initiated in April in a small town outside Port au Prince in the area of Quest. I’ve been serving the spirits for about 7 years prior to flying over in April.

One piece of advice; do your home work. Plenty of houses in Haiti that are eager for your money…and not the slightest interested in you.

My path is a personal path and it’s not on display, and it’s not something I talk about to everyone and everybody.

Once initiated your life will change, and the doors to the invisible will open. Your dreams will change and become much more symbolic - depending on the path you become involved with…some spirits will test you to the extreme, you really need to be mentally strong, these spirits can take your thoughts and run with them and literally drive you insane. Many people get frightened when the reality of this path hits them, and some paths within this system are darker than others…same goes for the spirits - and djabs.

Also, ALWAYS keep your promise to the spirits. When you promise them something, make sure you give them what’s promised…some spirits will get angry at you, other spirits will kill you if you don’t keep your promise. And serving the spirits is a lifetime commitment.

However, if this path is for you the spirits will make sure you Kanzo or initiate and get introduced the right people as time goes by. Please note that most of the natives don’t speak any English…it’s Creole, some also speak French.

You will also have to return to Haiti frequently to learn from your spiritual parent…things don’t get taught via email or Facebook. It is very direct and traditional.

Hes right there- many dishonest parties lookimg to take advantage of sincere seekers, but if it is for you the spirits will guide you. I wish you well in your endeavors.

Maferefun Elegua!

[quote=“The Eye”]keepin a promise to the spirits is a general recommendation, whatever system you’re working with. This is not specific to haitian vaudou.

@Cloud9 : what do you think about people getting initiated outside Haiti ?[/quote]

Personally, I see Haiti as being an important place to initiate if one wishes to initiate in Haitian vodou and there are A LOT of spirits on the island - you’ll also find that many of the family spirits, djabs etc. reside locally…for initiation whether it’s traditional vodou, Bizango, Makaya, Zandor etc. it’s essential to be close to the source.

After I read Wade Davis’ book The Serpent & The Rainbow I was pretty intereated in Bizango and Makaya for awhile, and he’s right-youd have to go to Haiti for the real stuff. Anywhere here in the US theyre likely just after money. There are genuine Santeria and Vodou circles here, but even they often return to Haiti/Cuba/Ile Ife fir certain ceremonies.

You are right there, initiation can be authentic anywhere.
Haiti is not the “country of the Lwa” however, if you trace it properly that would be west africa. I think if you apply a little intelligence you will know who is sincerely aiding in your ascent and whos a greedy jackass. There are botanicas trying to sell you empty worthless statues and overpriced cheap amulets and ritual items and there are the obscure private practitioners willing to creat such items for the magician at a reasonable price for thwir time and effort. Just use your better judgement.

hi, from my point of view it is possible to initiate people anywhere, it alll depends on the power of the priest. and if we speak about herbs and things you need for kanzo or makaya initiation, same things grows in florida for example. BUT, since we speak about haitian vodou why initiate somewhere else? i mean there are some secret aspects of it, why its done in haiti. but even if you dont know them. there are plenty of reasons why to do it there. but take care there are more scamers in the game then the real ones, get to know the people, talk with them, watch them how they behave. take your time, there is no rush for initiation, if your spirits want you have it they gonna find the way for you. most of my haitian brothers and sisters did all they could to avoid initiation!!! because there is so much resposibility afterwards, so much work to be done and basicaly your life is not yours anymore…think twice. but if its your destiny, you have no chance to avoid it. they can even kill you for not doing so. i wish you luck on your path! if you have some further questions, just message me.

yes, i am initiated priest ( in haiti, lol ). not sure what you want me to develop. but i will try, if you are a part of a real sosyete and you have not been ripped off by scamers, your life after kanzo will change. a lot. you have lots of responsibillities , meaning you have to serve spirits. and it can be very time and money demanding. and there are lots of other things which will change your life, for example most of us are married to lwa, which means you have to give them a lot of time, cannot have sex with human, etc. and about that last sentence, some may see that different, i see that so, but definitely i am not regreting it. i just see that like that. i hope my explanation helped.

yep, you right its not a mandatory, but ask most of houngans or manbos if they marry to spirit…and yes most of them are