Haiti = Antilles = Atlantis = Loa Are Atlantean Gods? Or God-Kings?

I just made this shit up myself in my head, via the might of Ouradis* & this map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antilles

I mean seriously I am sleep-deprived, so I’m by now just following random links round and - to the point - one of them was a video of two bald cats mating - so whatever.

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But come on, someone else has to have SERIOUSLY drawn the parallels, I’ve been reading this guy’s site and he seems skeptical and yet curious?

*I use a VPN - google sometimes knows this, and gives me a CAPTCHA to verify I’m not a bot - the letters ouradis were one such CAPTCHA. It sounds like some Ancient God, and I thought it was funny. Carry on, nothing to see here… :heart:

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It’s weird how seriously I am taking this.

In E. A.'s book, he mentions that every young Houngan hears the story of Atlantis, and how its sorcerers had mighty magic which were not white, nor black, and not bastardized by the Western world. Then their magic washed up on the shores of the Middle East, where it was whitewashed, but the Haitians retained more of its secrets.

And then there’s a whole lots of random UPG I got from some Loa that I can’t share that the reason they are so grounded is because they are gods of this Earth that have been around for as long as the first humans, in Africa.

So, if Atlantis was the first civilization, it’s logical that that was their next step. The theory isn’t very far-fetched.

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I wrote this as a person on one side of a mountain, I have now “passed over” that peak to see another view, and wow, we’re so onto something, but yeah - ALL of this is important, but it falls into geographic constraints for those of us who … well, for whom this has meaning. :slight_smile:

Amazed that people on many forums (not just this) will like some little troll who joins now and then, and claims to be a “conjureman”/voodoo whatever the fuck they spell it this week, and yet they have godhood at the tips of their fingers, and shy away?!


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Okay so, this thread is going on my watch list lol. Atlantis is a story my grandparents always used to tell me when I was a kid, over time I pieced together the story from different sources and came to a theory of my own -which would take too long to go into now, but hey maybe I’ll start another thread. Anyway, from what I’ve gathered it supposedly went like this: (remember this isn’t definitive, just another theory, so feel free to go against it or add bits or whatever)

According to Babylonian and Mayan records, Atlantis (and the events on it) arose a few years after Lemuria fell. According to Cayce this happened approx. 200,000 BC, Lemuria’s (Mu) location is disputed heavily, but the most probable one is a string of islands in the South Pacific off the west coast of the US, it covered a string of islands from Hawaii to Easter Island supposedly, the evidence for that comes from flora and fauna in the area being the exact same in both locations -which is only possible if the islands had closer land bridges at some point. Anyway, Lemuria was the first, which sunk after a pole shift. The native people of Mu spread around the earth and made colonies, a few years later Atlantis appeared -this is a shady part, the records don’t elaborate on how it appeared, it’s just there one day lol. All the natives migrated to Atlantis and were attracted to one of the 12 cities (SIDE NOTE: Both Plato and Thoth said there were 12 cities on Atlantis when it fell, the main one, think of it as a hive mind type thing, the brain/heart of Atlantis, was on a northern most island called the Poseidon, this is what Plato is talking about in the Cretias and Timeus when he says “the Poseidon bore 10 children”).

Now, Atlantis was around the Caribean islands as you both said, they were actually south west of it. It was in between the UK and US, what is now the North Atlantic. I won’t go into the high priests and kings cause that’s a thread all on its own, but it is hard to explain, when people think of Atlantis they see it as this utopian spiritual civilisation, which it was, but it wasn’t as physical as people think. Now we’re getting into the realms of what I’ve found in Soul Travel, so take this with a pinch of salt and go looking for yourself lol. Atlantis primarily took place on the Causal and Astral planes, since the priests and people were at a high state of spiritual evolution, it wasn’t until the final days of Atlantis that they became much more physical in this world. After the fall the remaining Atlantians spread around the world, inhabiting the colonies and building new ones. The majority of high priests went to Egypt and the Middle East, and took their magick with them, teaching the people there and founding the Mystsery schools (hey I didn’t choose the name ;)) which were then continued by Akenhaten in the Eighteenth Dynasty.
The point of all this is that the Atlantians did not belong to any one system of magick or belief, like Arcane said, since they were one of the first civilisations it makes sense that they would spread around and inspire various religions and practices. What has now been dubbed “Atlantian Magick” by those New Age bullshiters is similar to what EA has done, divining magick from spirits. Some Atlantians probably did spread to Africa and divined a new form of magick which is now Voudon. I say “new”, it could potentially be symbolic, Africa is the wild land, dense jungle, open savanas etc, it is a very primordial place that is very in tune with the earth if you want to look at it like that. Voudon came out of the heart of Africa, out of the metaphorical abyss so to speak, so the spiritual system that came out of that (one that was explored by Atlantians) tapped into that primordial energy force that became personified as the Lwa. That makes sense if you look at Voudon compared to other magickal systems, it is somewhat of a wild card, it is an ancient path that if tapped into, pushes our almost primeval tendencies to the surface.

Like what Atlantians did with other locations and traditions, the type of spirituality that evolved from the Antillies came from the spirits of Earth itself. The ancient, primordial part of the earth became manifest as the Lwa, the Atlantians in that area simply embraced what their environment showed them.

That’s my experience with Atlantis. Based off family stories and my own research. I’m not an expert of Voudon so take those parts with salt if you know what I mean. I was told at a young age that I had numerous lives on Atlantis over the course of its history, don’t know what I was there and to be honest I don’t care, the present moment is what matters, I’ll learn soon enough through soul travel I guess.


a little philosophizing, which breaks my rule of being on here, but whatever. i’m slacking on my magicks and philosophy is what you do when you’re slacking, so here goes.

i’ve always thought the most magickal parts of the world are the areas humans live that are at or below sea level. examples: the nile delta, the netherlands, great britain, new orleans, the dead sea region, lake eyre, southern iraq and the arabian peninsula, death valley, and the caspian sea. most of these places are near human settlements where magickal acts of great power have been recorded throughout history.

i believe atlantis was located on the mid-atlantic ridge at a time when part of the ridge was at sea level. i also believe the azores are the high mountainpoints of what remains of atlantis.

from what i speculate, the rest of atlantis was made up of hot springs, geysers, and volcanoes. in magick it is known that lands that have primordial elements of fire, lots of flowing water, and high winds are more magickal and majestic, they gather the elements. it would only make sense to me that atlantis had fjords, hot springs, and volcanoes, the kind of land where elemental magickal energy runs wild and free.

further north on the mid-atlantic ridge is another above-sea-level island very similar to what i imagine atlantis to have been like. that island is also magickal; it is iceland. the amount of magickal and paranormal activity that governs icelandic culture is well-documented. i imagine atlantis was much more of the same, and probably on a much higher level due to the earth’s former magnetic energy output, which is much lower today due to environmental pollution.

i like to think atlantis had cities at or below sea level the way new orleans or amsterdam or venice are, containing water channels and levees to keep the atlantic out. and that when atlantis perished, the water swept over the entire island system (i believe there was more than one island for atlantis). to my way of thinking, the flood story in the bible is a metaphor for the ruin brought about by atlantis’ political degeneracy. kind of like the fate pundits have predicted for los angeles and southern california for years.

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