Hair wrapped in black string?

simplynessa15 on youtube just posted a video talking about how she thinks someone has cursed her. basically she said that a lot of weird stuff has been happening in her house, like spiders coming out of her sink and weird sounds in the attic.
and she’s getting migraines and intense back pain out of the blue.
she also said that she has been attracting crows lately and she showed a mark on her window that was apparently from the crows bumping into it.
at the end of the video she showed dirty blonde hair wrapped in black string that she found buried in her front yard because her dog sniffed frequently in that spot.
i know that she recently shaved her head and that she wears wigs. her natural hair color is dark brown, and she said that the hair that she found definitely wasn’t from any of her wigs…

i’m just wondering what you guys think the curse could be if it isn’t even her hair or her wigs?

also she said that she went to some kind of witch shop in glendale and that the people there just told her to go to church lol.

A figure who thrives on attention craves yet more through creating hubris about a real or imagined curse - you tell me.

Forgive my lack of empathy when I hear the call of “wolf” yet only see a peacock with a mirror.