Hail to the Demons

Today i completed a successful cleansing of house and I wanna give the four gatekeepers and Lucifer for helping me. I invoked all four because i was not sure what i was getting into. They came. Then i successfully materialized all three problem spirits and came to a solution that they left willing. After that i cleansed all areas with blessed water and the property. I threw up my personal five element barrier for protection drew a sigil inspired by the experience and tethered all the defebses to jeeo them intact to that scroll and sealed it. I had the residents confirm for their peace of mind. it felt so good. Hail the Gatekeepers hail Lucifer Hail thyself that is all i welcome any questions or comments.

So, due to the vast sum of these types of topics there is a thread for this. http://becomealivinggod.com/forum/general-discussion/member’s-successes-thanking-spirits-do-it-here!/ While congratulations on your success, please post your successes with spirits over there.


Ok thank you i want sure where to post it ill remember for the next time thank you :slight_smile: