Hail to Queen/King Beleth! & Universal Circle Review

I just want to show a HUGE thank you to regards to King Beleth in regards to a love situation I’ve been dealing with my ex. My ex was very stern on not being with me or not showing any intimacy with me ever since we broke up(over a dumb reason). So I started to look a deamon and found Beleth and researched about him and his attributes. He’s VERY powerful when it comes to love magick! I started chanting his enn along had offerings of frankincense,Orange peel and Cumin(attributes to Beleth according from Vk jehannum website) with the universal circle I activated with my blood. Since my experience was kinda limited since I don’t have my third eye open I did have a gut feeling he was hearing me👂 After I was done talking to him about my situation and feelings I asked him to depart his legions to the Target. Next day I get a text from my ex basically him inviting me to his house which he never does. Like before he’d make excuses on me not coming over. I asked tarot and pendulum about it and surprisingly this was beleth sign. I’m do feel the universal Circle did help ALOT since I’ve never had a success with results. Hail and many thanks to King Beleth. I’m honestly kinda shook now😅.