Hail Mighty King Paimon

I have never been more loved and supported than when I started working with King Paimon. He is a patient teacher who will show you how to create perfection in all that you do.

He and I have been working together for 2 months now to create an amazing job for me.
Today I got that job and it’s all due to his influence over my situation. There are new things that I get to learn with this job. If he’s taught me anything it’s that you should never stop learning and growing and always create art, whatever that may look like to you.

What’s funny is that this is not the job he and I were working on. I’ve been a professional florist for over 20 years. This is not a florist job, I get to manage an office full of big burly glass blowing metal bending artists. This job is so much more than I could’ve hope for. The pay is better than I was asking for and I get full benefits.

Thank you again mighty King Paimon. All Hail to King Paimon.


That’s really amazing! I’m happy for you!!

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Thats good to hear. I am also working with King Paimon at the moment. Did you use just his sigil and a sacrifice or it was more complicated? Can you please explain.

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I hand drew his sigil and sat down with it and started to meditate. As I meditated I opened the sigil and repeated his Enn until I could feel his presence.
I thanked him for being there with me and told him what I was in need of. I told him I had lost my job and needed work. I told him of my qualifications and what I was looking for. I knew he understood what I needed because the room was getting warmer and warmer as I talked to him. Not the room but my core temperature was getting hot.
Once I knew he understood and was interested in helping me I then told him what I had to offer.
Dark purple candles, sweet incense, chocolate, sweet wine and to spread his greatness in appropriate places so more people would hear of him and possibly work with him.
He liked all of these things but asked to add in that I take him as a patron for a time and to continue to learn what he has to teach. He asked that I spend time with him everyday and for me to make him a space on my altar so that he could keep an eye on me and keep me safe.
I agreed. I wrote out the contract and signed it and placed it on my altar with his candles and insence.
I would speak with him everyday. Even if it was just a quick hello and a thank you.
I’ve learned a lot with so much more to go in such a short time.
King Paimon is kind and supportive but a perfectionist and exacting. Be prepared to work your ass off but also be prepared to reap amazing rewards.


Thanks for taking the time to explain to me. I really appreciate.

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No problem. If you need any clarification or any other questions just let me know. Good luck with your work with the mighty King. I really believe you will love it.

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Thanks. I believe so too.

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“An office of big burly, glass blowing, metal bending, artists.”
That is so metal :sunglasses: … omg I love it!
I’m so happy for you :smiley: