Hail Lucifer , Buer and King Paimon

Hey , I want to share a success story with Lucifer and Buer . This week I was caught drinking alcohol inside my college campus which is not allowed . Hostel incharge trying to make heavy fine and long suspension from college . At that time I really got afraid . Then I simple open Lucifer and Buer sigil on my phone and pray on it just for a while after few minutes I was amazed that the college administration set me free and told that this is the last warning to you don’t do it next time and I was stunned after hearing this .
Hail Lucifer
Hail Buer

After few day I got my test and I really don’t know much but I remember Lucifer and King Paimon in my mind and my test went so smooth that I’m in the good position in my class
Hail Lucifer
Hail King Paimon


Thanks for sharing!