Hail King Paimon

Hello everyone. I’m writing this in honor to King Paimon, thus completing our agreement.
I am a music student, and there was recently a competition in the conservatory here so the winners would have the opportunity to perform as soloists accompanied by our youth symphony orchestra.

Mind you that’s very ambitious and quite an accomplishment. I felt I should take magical action, and it seemed quite logical to contact King Paimon as he teaches arts and can also influence people. I didn’t evoke him as I’m new to magick, but some sigil work would suffice, so I thought…and I was correct. I performed the ritual less than 24h before my audition and it turned out I’m one of the winners!

In order to show my devotion and gratitude for his power and assistance, I felt I should do some sort of offering. I didn’t know what to expect, I tried some scrying but I’m too inexperienced yet, so I stated several times for the demon to let me know what I’m supposed to do. This was a month ago, or even more.

It’s almost 3:30 in the morning now, and I had a quite creepy experience , but his message got through and I knew I was supposed to write about it here for you.

Hail King Paimon!

I summoned King Paimon last in night as there are a few people that I need to influence to get a job.
He came to me with such peace but such ceremony. I entered a tent filled with brightly coloured ornaments like I was in the Persian Empire 2 000 years ago. It was beautiful and rich.

He was a wonderful host and I asked the He influence the people I need influenced in the necessary way, I was then interrupted by my son.

I am loving black magick and the opportunity to commune with these entities. I’m am already experiencing success under their tutelage and I have no doubt that King Paimon will come through for me.

I would like to watch the way He works for the next week or two and then will certainly consider a pact, and possibly a possession. He is very calm, and civil and reasonable. So I believe that a possession would advance me tremendously, in my personal and work life. Knowing Azazel and Belial certainly has.

To King Paimon, thank you for Your attendance. May We have many happy working years!