Hail King Belial

Just wanna share an experience I had at work that King Belial bailed me out on. Had to get off early cuz I happen to be heat intolerant due to an illness and my work place was so dang hot today it was really messing with me. They claimed the AC was on, but we were in a very humid environment.

Told the director I had to go sooner than expected, they wouldn’t let me leave and gave some dumb reasons like try to guilt me about how I was feeling. If I just walked out, they’d probably file some report against me and i’d loose my license or have it suspended. Called the EMS and asked King Belial to make me look even sicker than I was feeling. I didn’t expect what followed. Looking back I’m cracking up about it. I don’t have a heart disorder but dude :thinking: as they talked about doing my vitals and checked me out, my heart rate was high as F. Device said 181 beats/min. EMS team got me on the stretcher so fast n I was outta there. Exactly what I wanted. My vitals came back to normal shortly after that. Damn King Belial is awesome. Hail King Belial. :metal: