Hail King Belial

This will be a public praise post for Belial. Making this one separate from the existing praise posts, to honor the great king.
Someone close to me was facing eviction, in a way, due to an information error. They had 3 days to leave.
Yesterday I performed an evocation of Belial after warming up with a the blue ray meditation and 2 kundalini yoga kriyas to get my energy flowing.
I began with the LBRP, to chanting the summoning of all Magick powers incantation. After feeling the shift in the room I moved on to chanting his enn until I felt his presence in the room, then proceeded to structure him in the frankincense smoke. I confirmed he was there with my pendulum and he accepted my request, with the offerings being public praise, a chocolate cake baked for him and a blood offering. I then sealed the deal by inhaling into my heart chakra and letting the feel of my desire manifesting consume me right before pulling the energy from my heart center into my zeal chakra which I then pushed into his sigil.

Today a call was made and they don’t have to leave anymore, they just need to show bank statements to prove income.