Hail King Belial! Sleep Paralysis

(For starters, I’m still kind of new, and haven’t experienced much)

I just had my first sleep paralysis, and King Belial helped me get over it, I believe.
I had a long dream, and all of a sudden I remember I was trying to wake up, but I couldn’t. I realized I was paralyzed.
I don’t know if my eyes were open or not (I guess not, but I was still able to know my mom was in the kitchen - which was true).

I remember seeing 2 shapes morph into ropes above me, each on the side of my head, kinda, and some sort of a dark silhouette on my right, of which I was kind of afraid. I knew if I was to spring up I would wake up, but it was like there was a massive weight pushing me down. I know a little bit or two about sleep paralysis, so I was trying to move my toes, and it worked. I also tried to make a cross on the roof of my mouth, but that didn’t work (as I look back, I even messed it up). I even tried shouting, but that only sort of worked inside my dream.

And then I remembered this must be some sort of low entity trying to leech off, and I began shouting 'Belial! Belial! ’

And what do you know, I was soon filled with rage and a power strong enough to help me pull myself on the ropes above me (though not effortlessly). I then sprung up in real life, and it was kind of a hassle to keep myself awake, I was still feeling like I was somehow dreaming and paralized, but I kept moving until it went away.

I don’t know what that entity was trying to say, he kept calling me ‘Isaac’ and saying that I was meant to search and find my feminine side, but that it is infact inside me (I am a girl, for the record) and because of that I should die (and move on? To another life?). Other than that, it wasn’t scary, the entity. Though I feel like it kind of became spiteful when I mentioned King Belial’s name.

I am happy my first sleeping paralysis wasn’t as bad as I predicted (it was one of my biggest fears) and I’m happy that King Belial once again came in my dreams to help me!

Hail King Belial!

P. S. : sorry for the long post


i read it all in 5 minutes, :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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It is a fear and often negative experience for many people and I can understand why. But from my experience, I can transmute the mindset to astral travel when it occurs. First couple attempts when it happens might give you a glimpse then you sink back into the bed paralysed but with more exertion into your double layer you’ll be able to do it with much less effort.

This is your first time? That’s surprising. I thought they were usually common but not frequent amongst many. First time to everything I suppose. I don’t suffer from it, I just happen to fall into it anywhere from regularly to occasionally— and when I do, each time is an opportunity to kickstart astral travel by pushing my double layer out… my cells vibrate at an insanely highly rate and I can feel to the atom that I can “teleport” or I call “realm jumps” (my own term). My spirit layer simply opts out of my body easiest during these periods of paralysis.

it’s easily done during this state so I never forget the opportunity to use it, even if it happens 3-7 times in a night, most times I can astral travel. I never really struggled with the frantic side of it, I usually hear a flash bang kind of ringing and can’t move. At it’s worse, its a tad annoying.

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Yup. Almost 18 and this is the first time that it ever happened to me.
Looking back on it, it really was a missed opportunity for slipping into astral projection.
(I even remember reading an article on astral projection, and it involved visualizing a rope above you, and pulling yourself out of your body; which is similar to what happened to me)

I should have been more aware of my situation, considering I have already had some lucid dream nightmares that I have been able to turn around and manipulate.

I guess I wasn’t thinking completely straight lol.
Still, next time it happens I’m definitely shooting my shoot.

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