Hail King Belial ! ~ Sharing of me and King Belial

Would like to share everything of me and King Belial here .
All suggestions/Feedbacks etc are welcome ~ :smile:

The very first time that i think i saw King Belial :


Wow! How did you take that picture? I can see other spirits with him.

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Can you share What Other spirits do you see ?

I just head back to my room after my ritual and i saw this and snapped a photo. Took me quite some time to figure out the face .

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I think there are more. Sometimes they fade in and out a bit, but these ones I circled seem to be the most prominent.
The one circled in green is more typical of how I see him particularly when I ask him about “sinister” stuff.
The one circled in blue you found is really quite handsome and seems to have a triangle where his third eye would be, and I like that sword he carries (the one between the green and purple circle that black area)


There are a couple of spirits on the left side of this photo. I can’t tell what they are just that they are there. My senses are not that keen yet.

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Wow I like this picture.
I’ve seen stuff like this a lot now that I think about.
I would always dismiss or ignore because I was most likely intoxicated.

My only evidence Beliel exists is because I burned a note book with art , stories, ect.
The only thing that survived was a piece of notebook paper with His sigil and the last E and L burnt off.everything else was ash.
God I was trashed.
I miss 2013…

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@Jastiv & @WHamilton3
Wow , Didn’t realise there’s so many others as well ! However I can only spot the most prominent one that is circled in Blue :sweat_smile:
Am so curious to know what’s the other spirits as well.

@Solus_Oneightsix Thanks for sharing your story :slightly_smiling_face: & Yes , King Belial really exist ! :wink::wink::wink:

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:hugs: lol look at the time! 03:03!


2018 is coming to an end and after having a 1-1 session with my leader, i realised that i earned double the income of what i normally earned in the past!

Hail King Belial ! Thank you thank you !




Thank you King Belial for yet another amazing 2019!

A late post but better than never! Would like to share this story :
I had a case whereby after many things happened, my commission got cut into half by client A.
I was devastated and sad because i worked on client M from 2018, and i felt that i don’t deserve that.
I went to do a ritual and cried it out and i went back to my phone and continue the conversation with client A .
After MANY message exchanges, client A ended the conversation with : your commission remains, come over tomorrow for me to sign the documents.

That means i get my full commission!

Thank you King Belial! He always helped me whenever i needed, he made sure i learned what i am supposed to :heart:

Another case

I am representing buyer and seller was being a problematic seller. It could have incurred me minimum $600+ to thousands if everything wasn’t settled. And who i am targeting was actually a few people. People from the banking side, lawyer side etc.
This case pulls on for many months and it was a roller coaster ride. On the day itself, in the morning, there was hope that this case will be settled by 12pm.
If it isn’t settled, i will have to fork out $$ , which seriously, was not even my problem :scream:

I know i have to trust King Belial, i trust him.
However subconsciously i am still afraid, nervous and couldn’t stop thinking about this case.

I called lawyer at 12pm and it wasn’t settled .
At 3pm +, it still wasn’t settled…
Imagine my horror…
I was told to not think about it and trust that everything will be settled before 6pm.
But, how ?

At around 4+ 5pm, i decided to just keep my phone in my pocket.
A few minutes later, i received a message saying that everything is settled!!

Hail King Belial once again!
Not only was the case settled, there was no late charge fine as well :black_heart:

Thank you King Belial once again! You are amazing !


Thanks a lot for sharing…I can only see Belial​:heart_eyes::heart::scorpion:… No other spirit. Just when I am going through a tough time in family…he showed up in this post.
Hail Belial…all my love to a great King

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I had a situation where I was unable to see Andromalius, and then Belial said he would help me “see” Andomalius, and then I was able to get a visual. Other demons can be evoked along side Belial. He seems to like that, he is not jealous and lets them have the time. I understand now why so many people use his name in summoning and banishing rituals.


Yes I know. What I meant by ‘I can only see Belial’…ia that I have eyes only for him​:heart_eyes::wink:…like in a romantic sense…:grinning:
Belial recommended King Zagan and recently Abaddon to me. But I didn’t give it a try. Coz I think I cab focus only on the 4 spirits I m close to right now.

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Love this post! I’m just combing through the Belial tags because I am so drawn to him.


I asked King Belial on Monday to assist me in solving my rental case that seems impossible due to the tight timeline. It has been dragging for more than a week and it was stressing me out! I told King Belial to assist to help me solve it by Tuesday and guess what? IT IS SETTLED!!!
Finally a day whereby I am not receiving any calls from my Tenant Shouting at me through the phone. In fact, because the issue is settled, the tenant called me today and talked to me in a really nice and gentle manner. Grateful for that. Grateful for King Belial.

HAIL KING BELIAL!! Thank you King Belial!!