Hail Hekate VS. Papa Legba (Crossroads style)

Have anyone of you been working with Hekate or Papa Legba? I have been called to Hekate for probably all my life but just recently made “contact” after finding myself at the crossroads in the cemetery and being given her signs when I wasn’t even looking. I’m looking for big direction. I was working with Lucero aka Papa Legba and that was INTENSE! He was the most magical experience I’ve felt-so much so he took over my life for a couple of weeks and I had to actually cut ties with him. Like I was manic, and running around for him constantly. Seeing him EVERYWHERE. I cut ties because my partner come to find out, who I live with, cut ties with him and “left him on Easter Island” after picking him up in Africa. Interest of conflict. Anyway, Hekate and him are very similar but of course different! The keys, the number 3, the association with Mercury. The crossroads-help in life to live your truth. These all play importance in my life especially. I feel I’m a child of these Deities. You know, born with it. When I cut ties with Legba he literally shook my whole house one night as he left this realm. It seriously sounded like a washing machine being dropped in my living room! The dogs and myself were freaked out!!! Nothing outside, etc. I’ve read this has happened to others. Sonic boom I’m the house! Regardless as soon as he left, Hekate came in strong with signs left and right. Her energy is more distant and mellow. Cryptic I guess, fittingly enough. I’m thinking I go slowly and honor her to get the trust so she doesn’t think I’m too eclectic. I also want to work with my other Deity who has been there for me to help heal my heart and I’ve heard Hekate is not jealous but sometimes I wonder if she can share a room with the other. She has her own alter so she doesn’t have to share. The funny thing about our “activation” I’m our relationship is that because there was “bad blood” between Legba and my partner, he intuitively (not even knowing!) gave me her necklace! It was before he went to work at Sea a couple mo ago and it’s from New Zeland that he got many years ago. It’s a Hekate symbol (one of them!) I didn’t even know what it meant but come to find out that when my partner found out I had summoned Legba, he was not happy and concerned and told me his story of their break up. He literally had given me a new Deity of the crossroads to work with before knowing I’d call Papa or what the symbol was! Like he was predestined to give me a “replacement” Deity and guide me to her. Lol. Last week I was asking Hekate for a sign and I went to the movies to see The Nutcracker (w my 7yr old), the whole movie was about a KEY with a lock that looked like a Hekate symbol as well!! Who would’ve thought?! Also, at the movies this woman almost bumped into me and I turned around to huff something under my breath and there clear as ever was this HUGE skeleton key tattoo on the back of her neck!!! I had to laugh! Spirits are so cool and definitely have a sense of humor. :sparkles:


Hekate has been my matron goddess for many years. Love her, her energy, and yea she is a bit cryptic but understandable. She gives you a message, but you just get it. You can feel her power, and it is very wise to accept her teaching, and never to anger her. I am interested in evoking papa legba but don’t know how. I see the similarities, and feel like I may be missing out by not having a connection with papa. She’s the goddess of the underworld and he’s the gatekeeper, it makes perfect sense, and I was wondering if you could tell me exactly how you went about connecting with legba. I am acquainted with the signs that Hekate can give. It happens all the time, you just have to acknowledge it and you’ll get a knowing of what it all means. Sometimes she wants you to know she’s there and that’s all. So please if you could help me with this i would appreciate it, and in return maybe I can help you with the dark goddess. You said papa was intense, and she can be intense as well. It depends on the situation. I view her as my mother. Sometimes she’s somewhat warm and loving, then she is my teacher, can be stern and will discipline and punish. But you gotta love her, she gives the best direction you can get.

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