Hail Gremori!

I want to thank Gremori for helping me receive money that I asked for. I received even more than what I had asked for!

I used the first ritual in the Demons of Magick book by Gordon Winterfield. If you have an urgent need Gremori can help you!

Thank you Gremori!



Is that from the goetia

Gremori is in the Goetia I believe but I used the Demons of Magick book to contact and perform the ritual.

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He helped me too! Hail Gremori!


How you construct your petition

I wrote mine, but never done it to do the ritual. Always check em and reevaluate… i think i over reevaluate it, so i had my mind doubt

please correct me

“I have 1000$ USD for my business”

“Someone gave me 1000$ USD for my business in 2 weeks”