Hail Duke Dantalion

I promised Duke Dantalion that i would let more people know abot him and praised his work here. So about two week ago i was brousing around this forum trying to find a spirit that would suit my situation, me and my boyfried had broken for more than a month and i was pretty devastated about it, i kept finding about Duke Dantalion and it clicked he was the one for me. I envoked him last week and to my suprise i felt his presence in a very little time, aftair i welcomed him i made my request to him and made hin an offering of wine and honey. Let me tell you the great duke works really fast the same day my ex made contact with me we even went out a couple of times and i couldnt be hapier with Dantalions work so far, i look forward to getting to know him more he has a wonderfull aura and is gerat to be around,i also feel like i have many things to learn from him, i called him again tonight to give him an offering of wine for his work, needless to say im extremely thankfull.