Hail Buer!

Wanted to write this post detailing my experience with Buer so far,

A while back I performed a full ceremonial evocation of Buer,
To ask some questions, i didn’t see him show up in my black mirror(I’m a noobtard at scrying anyway’s) ,
but asked my questions anyways, as i felt a slight presence but hard to really know.

So I asked my questions and got impressions I felt came through.
wrote them down.
Closed the ceremony, gave the license to depart etc.

A few days later April 25th i decide to draw Buers sigil by hand to the best of my ability , delicately trying to recreate it as best i could in pencil.

I enter into meditation and focus on the sigil trying to open it ,
I say in my mind what i want , i want him to teach me and help me grow.
I get the mental impression to look at the sigil for at least 10 days once every day.
So i do.

I am writing this Sunday 28th August,
I have not gazed at the sigil for a good while , i feel i dont need to.

Alot has happened,
I have worked through a lot of mental blocks I feel.

I felt trapped in a cage and feel i am slowly breaking out with the help of Buer from bad mental loops while learning things that heal and help.

One night i have crazy fucked up dreams , with extreme gore / eroticism , very hard to describe , but basically this ,

"I seemed to be in some mental hospital looking in a mirror cutting my self with a straight razor blade and having no control over my body,
The staff and other patients are demented , there are chain saws and other things i have also , the staff and other patients come at me wanting me to cut them into oblivion and sliced up to fuck, as if they some how get off on it or needed it in some fucked up sexual way.
(It reminds me of a game called “Thrill Kill”)

…Goriest dream i have ever had.
However not a nightmare and I am not damaged by the dream, it feels like some sort of breakthrough.

I wake up in a different state of mind fully aware that i do not have dreams like that usually.
Something has changed in me , some mental block removed or fixed and this dream was the way it was done.

I lie awake for about 20 mins thinking about what it means, was it contact etc , my girlfriend stirs and wakes up:

“Good morning etc” the usually wake up shit,
I ask her
"Did you have any good dreams last night?"

Half of me knowing what she is going to say,
and the other half thinking she will just have some random dream or not remember at all.

“Oh i remember , it was really gorey” she says

The other half of me is now convinced ,
Yep , Buer was here , and even my girlfriend was effected by his presence and had the same “Gorey” (being the perfect word to describe it) dreams.
Graced by his presence I feel.
Feeling i gained some sort of understanding/revelation as to the methods teaching of spirits…to some degree.

I then by chance go an look up Buer on wikipedia to see if it explains the gore or is he related by any chance to gore.
I find he has a lot of use in heavy metal cover art.
Alot of heavy metal/black metal bands are into all the gorey shit,
Something clicks.
Another piece of evidence building my own mental case that it was indeed Buer.
It makes sense to me.

Throughout the months , books come my way.

For some reason
I watch an interview with tupac , he talks about what books he’s reading
He mentions a book that teaches the art of logic.

I thought Logic was just being reasonable , a way of thinking thats not being stupid 1+1=2 type of simple reasoning stuff, if you know what i mean.

I begin to read this book, as i turn each page(or scroll in this case, pdf’s FTW) my head is slowly removed from being up the abyss that is my ass.
Inching my mind towards , enlightenment with each chapter i read.

Logic , is the art of stringing words together,
To make arguments and statements that are infallible and as correct as possible.
Each of the abuses of logic highlighted , and corrected and the methods of there errors explained.
Each types of logic or arguments are coined with there own latin terms.
Such as “Plurium Interrogationum” or complex question

"Have you stopped beating your wife?"
If yes , you were beating her.
If no , then you still are beating her.

Logic can be used as word weapons to defend or attack , your own argument, or someone elses argument or statement.

My mind gets wandering ,
What if i could keep all the things i think to my self,
within the realms of perfect logic,
ensuring i never make a false argument to my self in my thoughts ever again , even to unknowingly mislead myself,
never mind anybody else trying to mislead me with false logic for the sake of trying to sell me a product etc.
How far might it bring me,
How far down my own path will it allow me to minimize my own errors… or even deception for that matter.
…Just a thought.

Herbs and Oil,
As the sigil stays open ,
I am learning about essential oils and herbs,
These things start to come as an understanding , things make sense , they come at me a with a certain current i now recognize that comes at a certain speed.
I dont struggle to learn these things, I just spend time learning and i am allowed the understanding of them.
That acne on your face - Lavender Oil
Those cuts , that scar - Tea-tree Oil
Aphrodisiac - Ylang-Ylang , Rose.(Prepare yourself)

Too much sexual libido?
No problem

Anaphrodisiac(The opposite of aphrodisiac) - Camphor oil

There is an oil out there for anything you can think of.

I have nothing but reverence for this Demon.
He is a true friend i feel, a teacher ,a mentor, a brother, a demon :slight_smile:

I was inspired to write this poem to him which is another story,
As a thank you to him and in his honor, which i feel he helped to write also.
(Long story short , i take AoS2 off the shelf and am drawn to EA’s entry and he talks about a client that summons Buer but cannot see him).

He who teaches and who heals,
He knows how much my pain feels,
He comforts my mind,
Say’s look forward and not behind.

In the future and present tense.
I really enjoy your offering of incense,
Your gifts of oil , I do enjoy,
As He opens up my eyes,
Herbs,Oils,Logic and Healing,
He teaches this and heals my feelings.

Raises my awareness of states of mind,
States of mind I need to leave behind,
I feel his is a true friend,
Who inspires this pen from end to end.

The sigil is still open ,
I have a question to anyone who may be able to answer it ,
How will i know when am done being taught by Buer,
I give him offerings when i feel it is appropriate as a thank you.
I place them on his sigil.

How do i know when i am finished with him though? ,
And what should i do with his sigil, as i feel burning it would be dis-repectfull,
But i feel placing my blood or storax oil onto it and offering it to him in flame as a goodbye to him would be nice.

But I cant keep the sigil forever.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.


Hail Buer! Buer is also my “friend” in a sense. He is VERY active with me (shown his physical form to me twice in 3 days). From my short, although powerful, experience with Buer, he responds well to your own interpretation of what you believe is right and wrong. If you feel that is the most respectful route I would follow your instinct. I followed my instincts on his offering and got the most amazing, pleasant experience (gnosis, astral projection within minutes) I could have hoped for. I know it has been a while but interested to see what route you took with the President. Thanks for reading!


I keep the sigils that I’ve activated In a special book.
I call it my book of power. It has all the sigils I’ve ever used within it.
It is a sacred book to me. It is a testament ofmy many journeys with these wonderful ancients.:slight_smile: