Hail! A thank you post

I would like to thank my new friends!
When it comes to demons and old gods specifically, up to this point I had only worked with them one at a time. I had been guided toward some new entities and was also guided to do my first group evocations and build a spiritual team to work on my goals faster and more efficiently.
So after a lot of messages and about a week spent camping in different bits of forest in my area I found what I was being pulled to do.
I called upon Prince Sitri, Marquis Marchosias, and Clauneck to work together to attack my situation from all sides. It has been maybe 4 days and I have seen progress in each area that I had tasked them to work on.
This was my first time working with each of them as well so I am very impressed at the speed and respect they’ve given to my orders.
Thank you for your protection Marchosias!
Thank you for your influence Sitri!
Thank you for your wealth Caluneck!
And most importantly thank you Andras for guiding me toward Travis Magus’s works that inspired me to do this group ritual!