Haetia? "Goddess of Criminality"

Was in the middle of an OBE when I found myself in a porcelain doll on a shelf with a broken one below me. Managed to leap to a couch and an arms bound naked girl came into the room vomiting, I followed her and she drowned herself in the bath. Went downstairs to find 4 or 5 beaten and arm bound others cleaning the blood and vomit covered floor with their tongues as an older fat man worked on the sinks plumbing as it was clogged with vomit and a dead baby floating in it.

Found my way out only to find a man tied up in the back of a truck screaming for someone to save his girls, the second he saw me I fell and broke. Darkness came over me for a long while, seemed like days. At some point I began to hear Hindu prayers, I only remember the last word, Hamalehu - ‘Attack’.

Thats when I heard her in the darkness, she had the usual Ethereal being shimmer to her voice. Claimed her name was Haetia, twin sister of Hestia, that was forgotten to the worlds(note the plural) being a Goddess of Criminality and that I seemed to have somehow manifested my way into her realm. She assisted me back to my body telling me do tell others about her and bring visitors next time.

Doing some research I found nothing on Haetia, but she seems to be the polar opposite of Hestia. Hestia being a virgin Goddess of home, family and domesticality.

Anyone ever hear of Haetia before or had experiences with her before? I’ve been deconstructing the Aghora tales and Muadgalyayana teachings lately with my mind on duality, so I’m curious how many other evil twins will be showing up continuing the path.