Had to hold my head high

So tonight i went to see some friends.

we got on to the topic of magic and magicians etc.

none of them know I do this btw.

And then the 'its all fake, none of its real talk came.
So we argued lol.
7 vs 1 hahaha

I told them if you don’t think ghosts and spirits are real then stand in front of the mirror and say ’ bloody Mary ’ 3X … not one did it lol.

So with that I said point proven and walked out lol.


Like a G :sunglasses:


I know i havnt had any success … YET


its okay, they don’t have to believe but having them respect or even leave you in peace is a good start.

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Nice of u. Id’ve played a mind fuck with them. Has any of u watched Marylin Manson or Lavey answer questions about Satanism? I swear that’s what I do. I pull the same thing with people that were against me n the LHP.


Mic drop. They’ll come around. There’s nothing like having a group of friends who support and value your practice.