Had i communicated with Clauneck?

Hello Members,
so i invoked Clauneck at Night and it was very amazing. At first i thought he didnt come. Or he didn’t speak to me ,but later i felt a presence and i was away for 4-6 minutes. In the Time i have talked in me and i couldn’t move my Body. I thought i have spoken to myself. I used words in my mind that i would never use . An Example : "You are very honestly and respectful " (to me) or " Most People called me and wanted the money directly . These People talk badly things about me " At the End he told me that he will go if the incense is burned down. And then the connection was canceled lol. Im asking you whether he was it or me? Im not sure


Sounds quite a bit like a spirit talking via your mind. At least that’s one way I know a spirit is talking to me.

So I’d say it was successful. :slight_smile:


Yeah thanks for your reply. I was a little bit confused as i came back to me :grinning: and i realized i was away for a while. I chanted very long and during the chants i heared Sounds in my room and on my terrace. And after the invoke i can’t sleep​:sweat_smile: