Had a strange breakthrough/experience

Today i was doing a basic meditation bringing energy in getting ready for some chakra work when i intuitively had a urge to open my eyes and when i did i saw my hand was opening closing moving without me knowing and a few seconds later i saw sparks come out of my hand of purple and red

There are two things that might’ve happened

  1. My aura has improved i saw it and my body was reacting to it

  2. I got possessed possibly

What do you think?


The 3rd eye, seeing the aura and the energy on the hand, possibly

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You’re doing well. Sparks are the first signs of seeing energy. I saw them before I stopped trying for a bit.

You get that kind of stuff in every clair sense.


So does this mean my aura is red and purple colored


If you want to know the colour of your aura, you should stand in the mirror, with a white background and stare at the centre of your forehead or right in-between your eyes and soften your gaze and eventually you should see your aura, but it seems like your third eye is pretty open, so I’d say you could just do this with your hand instead.