Had a dream about falling, but overcame through stamina and power

I just had a dream about me falling from a boat teleporting drowning in the ocean seeing black teleporting into a kingdom, Seeing a skeleton trying to prevent me from getting the fuck out of there but I overcome him in terms of stamina and power saw him and his hands transformed into a puppet I tried to call angels they never came it was me and me alone outplaying this bitch, The king wasn’t very happy I tried to fly out of there I knew it was a dream and he said do you really think we would build this place for you to go, It almost became physical i made an opening and I was able to sneak out and run with an old man looked like my grandpa interesting, The kingdom was very well protected with guardians and when I tried to fly from there and even if I really believed it was a dream I just couldn’t I felt like this place is protected physically, This is some crazy ass shit what do you think ?

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I think you could have gone with a much shorter title. Nice dream though



Lol yup xDDD

I mean yeah, it sounds pretty cool to me. I don’t know what to make of it, but I had a good laugh xD

Who is the king?

I’d be real curious how i got somewhere I wasn’t supposed to go and what the king of that kingdom was hiding. Maybe the skeleton was a metaphor for death, and the puppet a representation of how people are manipulated by a fear of death??? Write this stuff down when you have mind boggling dreams, you’ll be the best interpreter…Write down all that you can bare to upon waking, it gets fascinating reading back over.

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that title though…


Agreed and fixed


Thx lol

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